Interior Painting Ideas
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By using any of the interior painting ideas and techniques below, you'll be doing your family and yourself a big favor.

Why?...Because next to lighting, paint is the most influential home interior decorating element in setting the mood of a room. Although the thought of painting is more frightening than a root canal for many people, I am a huge advocate for getting rid of those stark white walls.

Here's why…

Your home is the place you go to get away from the stress of work and traffic, and it gives you a sense of security and comfort. So why not use one of the best and least expensive home interior decorating techniques to help create the sanctuary you want. interior painting ideas

You'll find that the interior painting ideas presented in this document will serve you well…

Science has shown that color can and does affect us psychologically. Some paint colors provide a cooling effect, while others impart a sense of warmth. Click here to learn more about colors...

Which Interior Paint Colors Are Right For You?
The Meaning Of Colors...Revealed!

So do yourself a favor and visit your local hardware or paint store and grab a handful of paint swatches that match your style and personality.

  interior paint colors                  interior paint colors

If you're interested in adding texture and depth to a room, also consider one of these decorative interior painting ideas:

  • Wall Stenciling - this interior painting idea involves applying color to a wall, floor, or ceiling through cutout areas of a template that create a design. When the cutout template or stencil is removed, the pattern remains.

    The pattern can be of anything you like including animals, stars, geometric patterns, flowers, the alphabet, etc.

    The process is very easy and it will add texture to your room. Also, a stencil design can be used over and over again anywhere in your home. Click here to learn more about this interior painting idea... Wall Stenciling

  • Faux painting - (pronounced "foe") means "false". To faux paint is to paint one object to resemble another.

    With this interior painting idea, you can use paint to create the illusion of natural materials such as wood, marble, granite, etc. Click here to learn more about this interior painting idea... Faux Painting

    Also, the short video below will demonstrate an easy faux painting technique called Rag Painting. It can really provide an elegant look to your walls. As you'll see in the video, this technique first requires you to add a a coat of satin finish paint (in your desired color) to the walls.

    When this coat is dry, you will then apply a glaze in a lighter or darker color. As the glaze is being applied, you'll gently press a bunched up rag against the wall to achieve the desired affect. It's recommended that you work with a partner to make the project go faster.Watch how easy the technique is done.

    There is nothing special about the products mentioned in the video. You should be able to find them at any home improvement or paint store. And as always, use quality products to ensure that your walls will show off rich deep colors that will have everyone talking.

  • Rubber Stamping - Personally, this is one of my favorite interior painting ideas. That's because it's super fast and easy, and will give you unbelievable results!

    You may be familiar with using rubber stamping techniques to create greeting cards and other small handmade gifts. Now you can use those techniques on your walls. To learn more about rubber stamping, check out the book Creative Stamping for Walls & Furniture.

    Okay, back to paint swatches. Narrow your selection to a few colors that seem to complement, rather than compete with, your furniture and furnishings.

    Don't select very bright colors unless you are certain that you want your walls to be the focal point in the room.

    Your best bet is to find the most neutral shades for the colors that you have in mind. For example, if there are seven shades of red paint, the most neutral shade will be the one in the middle of the bunch.

    Before you finalize your decision, return to the paint store and purchase small cans of paint for the top two or three colors that caught your eye. Also pick up some inexpensive 3" brushes. You'll want to paint 12" x 12" patches of the colors on your walls.

    Leave the patches there for at least a day so that you can evaluate how well they will work in the room, and how they look in natural and artificial lighting.

    On more than one occasion, I have found that a color on the wall appeared to be darker than the swatch.

    This method allows you to make any color adjustments or to simply start over. Of all the interior painting ideas, selecting your paint color in this manner will save you the most disappointment.

    However, if you still need more help in selecting paint and home interior colors, click on this link... Interior Design Ideas: Decorating Beginners Can Now Coordinate Colors Like Pros.

    But, if you're like many people and either aren't good at matching colors or just don't have the time, we cut right to the chase in The Awaken Your Interior Designer. You get 135 ready-to-go paint color schemes along with the paint brands/manufacturers. You also get interior painting ideas for the color combinations most suited to your decorating style.

    When you're ready to buy paint, don't let price be the only factor influencing your buying decision...

    Spend a few more dollars for high quality paint that will last longer and look better. After all, which ever interior painting idea you choose, you'll want everyone to think and say..WOW!


    Here's a quick reference to the various types of paint:

    Select The Right Type of Paint

    These interior painting ideas will guide you to the appropriate paints for each area of your home.

    Flat paint

    • lowest sheen available
    • the standard for most walls
    Satin paint
    • has a slight sheen and are easier to clean than flat paint
    • can be used on any wall, but test in a small area first to see if you like it
    Semi-gloss paint
    • great for kitchens, bathrooms, and children's rooms because they are highly durable
    Gloss paint
    • has a high sheen and are usually used on doors and in areas that are susceptible to getting dirty
    • used a to trim base boards and door frames
    The amount of paint you need for each room will depend on the size of the area to be painted. Use this formula as a guide:

    Total length of all walls x Average wall height = Total Area

    For example, if the total length of all four walls in your living room is a combined 80 feet (20 ft. x 4 walls) and the wall height is 9 feet, then the total area for the room is 720 square feet (80 ft. x 9ft).

    A gallon of paint will cover about 375 square feet. So for your living room, you would need about 2 gallons of paint (720 sq. ft. /375 sq. ft. per gallon coverage).

    Prepare Your Walls Before Painting Them

    You may be tempted to move the furniture to the center of the room and start painting right away. But if you take a few moments and prepare your walls properly, you'll be much happier with the finished product.

    While the following interior painting ideas may be common sense, it is important that you keep them in mind.


    • light switch and outlet plates
    • light fixtures (or cover them well)
    • drapes, curtains, lamps, furniture


    • nail holes, dents, and cracks with spackling
    • let the spackling dry before painting

    Sand & Scrape

    • remove loose paint
    • sand to even any edges

    Apply A Primer

    • if you selected a dark paint color
    • if you removed wallpaper (do not paint over wallpaper)
    • if your walls are new or show lots of damage

    Finally, if you're planning to use a roller brush to apply paint, you'll want to do it correctly. Most people and even many professional painters will roll the brush up and down the wall in multiple directions without removing it until there is no more paint on the brush. This is not correct!

    Watch this video which shows you the correct way to roll paint on the wall for a nice smooth finish. According to the pros, I've been doing it wrong!

    I hope these interior painting ideas have been helpful.

    Be sure to check out the resources below for more information and ideas related to this topic.

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