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Could your web site use a boost in eyeballs? Is it struggling to attract lots of quality traffic? If so, keep reading. You're going to love our free no-strings attached offer.

But first there are a few things you should know about This site was created in 2002 and is visited more than 1.1 million times per year by people in 190 different countries. You could say that this is an authority site, which means that it has earned the trust of Google and other search engines to provide high quality content. So it gets solid traffic despite being a David among plenty of Goliaths in the home improvement arena.

But we're not content to rest on our laurels. That's where you come in. We've decided to open up our web site to you. You'll be able to freely submit your articles to our new Home Improvement Article Gallery.


Along with the great news above, you should also know two things...

  1. There's no membership to join! But, you will have to provide an e-mail address if you wish to be notified if/when your articles are approved.

  2. There's no requirement for you to link back to our web site after submitting your articles. Of course, we would greatly appreciate a link if you believe that your visitors could benefit from the helpful content posted on this web site by you, others and us.


Now, the most important point is that this is not some run-of-the-mill article directory, like many you'll find online. We have no interest in becoming a huge repository of useless information. We value quality over quantity.

So, we will only accept useful content that truly benefits our community. Therefore, all of your articles (and web sites being linked to) must be related to home improvement.


This unique gallery will benefit you in multiple ways. First, no longer will you have to wonder if your articles have fallen into a black hole. This is what usually happens in directories that cover every topic under the sun. Sure, some of those sites get lots of traffic, but only a tiny number of their visitors will have an interest in reading your articles.

Second, the many thousands of visitors that we get each day and month are much more targeted and passionate about finding ways to improve their homes. Plus, we will encourage our community to check out the Article Gallery and review the brilliant content submitted by all our new friends.

Third, because of the focused nature of our site and the authority it has achieved, your articles will have a much better chance at ranking in the search engines. This will drive even more traffic to your articles and then to your web site.


We also do something else that you'll love. Visitors will be able to vote and post comments, questions, and kudos on your articles. And you can reply, if you wish. Think of your articles as mini-blogs that the search engines will love because of the added contributions from readers.

This can be a huge credibility booster for your web site and your products or services as people embrace you as part of our community. (Note: We do not allow sales hype or obvious promoting in comments and replies. And we approve them all before they are posted to our web site.)

Of course, the benefit to us is that our visitors will get fresh ideas, thoughts, and opinions from many different perspectives, not just ours. When it comes to home improvement and the underlying categories/sub-categories, there are an endless number of topics to write about.


Before getting into the nuts and bolts of submitting your articles, there are some very important things you need to know. Here they are:

  1. Our Article Gallery is primarily designed for those who have a keen interest in attracting lots of qualified targeted traffic to their web sites.

  2. If your web site has a Google PageRank of PR2 or lower, you may submit an article along with your own tasteful LIFETIME advertising banner that links back to your web site. The link will be clickable and carry a nofollow tag. (No reciprocal link back to our site will be required.)

  3. BONUS: A summary of your article, along with links to it and your web site, will appear in a special newsletter sent to our nearly 12,000 subscribers. (This unmatched FREEBIE is first come, first serve and will end when the backlog of articles becomes too large.)

  4. BONUS: Your article will appear in our RSS feed and on our blog, which usually gets more daily page views than any other area of our site.

  5. If your web site has a Google PageRank of PR3 or higher, you may also follow the lower PageRank option above. Or, if you wish to "exchange" relevant content that could benefit both of our visitors, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page to discuss.

  6. Unless otherwise pre-approved, all clickable links shall carry nofollow tags. Considering the wealth of benefits we offer you, this should not be a major issue for any web site owner seeking targeted traffic to expand their brand, build their contact list, and attract new customers. In addition, this will have no affect on your article's ability to rank highly in the search engines.

  7. We are currently not entertaining requests for simple link exchanges that don't involve useful content. Nor do we buy or sell dofollow links of any type or form.

As you can see, we're serious about giving your quality web site the exposure it deserves. Mailing to our subscribers alone is worth at least $99---per article!! And don't forget about your FREE lifetime ad banner.


(Don't have a web site? No problem. We would still love to get your article contributions. Simply follow the instructions for writing and submitting your articles, and ignore the parts about including links/web site addresses. However, read the section below on Advertising Banners to learn how you can make money from your articles.)


Now let's get to the specific requirements for submitting your articles. Please read these requirements very carefully. Submit articles>>>>>

Your Web Site (if you have one):

  • Must be related to the home improvement area.
  • Must contain content and serve a niche that is complementary to our site.
    (Meaning, no web sites that are direct competitors or offer very similar information to ours.)
  • Must have 15 or more pages of relevant content.
  • Must provide helpful information, products, or services.
  • Must be easy to navigate and user-friendly.

General Article Requirements:

  • Must be original and written by you.
    (No problem if written by a ghost writer, but you must have an exclusive license that grants you sole ownership.)
  • Must be related to the home improvement area.
  • Must not be spun content, private label articles, pulled from the public domain, already posted on another web site, or someone else's copyrighted material.
    (We will check, so please spare us. Violations will result in banning all of your future submissions.)
  • Must be informative and helpful. Include fresh ideas, tips, techniques, opinions, commentary, problem-solving, etc.
    (Since this is not a typical article directory, we will reject fluff or low quality articles.)
  • Must not be a press release, sales letter, promotional copy, or contain any hype in the body.
    (You will be able to add a resource box/paragraph at the end of each article where you can pitch your products, services, and web site.)
  • Must have proper English, spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.
  • Must not contain affiliate links or redirects.
  • Can contain two clickable links within the Resource Box to the same web site.
    (Option 1 is to use one link for your advertising banner and the other as a text link in your resource box. Option 2 is to have two text links in the resource box.)

Article Title:

  • Must include your keyword.
  • Must not include WORDS in all caps.
    (But the first letter in each word should be capitalized.)
  • Must not include any HTML code.

Article Body:

  • Must contain between 400-750 words.
  • Must mention your keyword 4-5 times.
  • Must contain quality, no-hype content.
  • Must not include WORDS in all caps.
  • Can have sub-headings.
  • Must not include any HTML code.

NOTE: We may make small changes to your article to bring it into compliance with our standards or to optimize it better for more traffic. However, if lots of changes are needed, the article will be rejected. Also, click here if you'd like to learn a simple technique for finding great keywords to create articles about.

Article Resource Box:

  • This is the paragraph below the article body where you get to pitch yourself, your products/services, and your web site address.
  • Must not consist of more than 100 words.
  • Can include up to 2 clickable text links.
    (If you submit an advertising banner with your article, then your resource box can only have one text link.)
  • Your links may point to different pages on your web site, but not different web sites.

Advertising Banners:

  • Must promote your own web site.
    (Meaning, no Google AdSense or other third party advertising.)
  • The banner sizes can be either 468x60 or 180x150. If your banner is 180x150 it will be placed at or near the top of your article. If it is 468x60, it will be placed in the middle of your article.
    (Creating your own banners is very easy and can be done for free. Perform a search online for "free banner creator" or similar and lots of options will appear. One free service that we found to be user-friendly is
  • When uploading your banner, simply submit a .jpg or .gif image file and include the url for it at the bottom of your article along with any other instructions.
  • If you don't submit a banner, we will automatically know to create one for your article if there's only one text link in your resource box. No input is allowed for the default banner. It will simply mention your web site name, url, and tagline like the following examples:

  • If you DON'T have a web site, we will create and add a clickable banner, like the example below, to your article that links to our Awaken Your Interior Designer ebooks. The banner will include your affiliate link, which means that you will earn a 50% commission whenever someone clicks on your banner and makes a purchase. Just include your affiliate link at the end of your article submission.
    (If you haven't joined our affiliate program, click here for details.)

Article Photos and Graphics:

  • A maxium of 4 photos and graphics may be uploaded along with your article.
  • Must be photos/graphics that you've taken or created yourself.
    (You may also use photos/graphics from sites that sell images as long as they have granted you a royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, perpetual license to publicly display the images on our Web site.)
  • Must be related to the topic covered in the article.
  • Must be a .jpg or .gif photo/graphic file.
  • The maximum image size we are able to accept is 800x600 pixels.
    (If your images are larger than this you can reduce them using any graphics software. A FREE web based image resizer can be found here...


We understand that the home improvement area consists of a very wide range of categories that can include things like roofing, small appliances, home security, etc. And if your site addresses any of these areas, you're certainly welcome to submit articles. However, you'll notice that we want our Article Gallery to lean slightly toward home decorating and design to blend with the rest of our site. So, for now, these are the subject areas that our visitors would enjoy most.

  • Bedroom
  • Living & Family Room
  • Kitchen and Dining Room
  • Bathroom & Shower
  • Home Office & Den
  • Entry, Hall & Stairway
  • Patio, Deck & Sunroom
  • Basement & Attic
  • Decorating Styles
  • Painting & Color
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Storage & Organizing
  • Holiday Decorating
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Cleaning Tips & Tools
  • Remodeling
  • Furniture
  • Major Appliances
  • Landscaping & Outdoor Decorating
  • Windows & Coverings
  • Do-It-Yourself Projects
  • Cabinets
  • Accessories, Decor & Artwork
  • Doors

In looking at some of the categories, such as "major appliances", you might wonder what type of articles our community would appreciate reading. I'll give you a quick example. One of the hottest items in the major appliances category is "induction cooking ranges".

So, an article that talks about the advantages and disadvantages of this technology would be more helpful than a detailed review of a particular model or brand that is destined to be old news a year from now. Of course, if your web site sells such ranges, you could mention this in your article's resource box.


Step 1: Click here to visit the Article Gallery.
Step 2: Select the appropriate home improvement category for your article.
Step 3: Follow the easy instructions for adding your content.

NOTE: If your article appears to span multiple categories, just pick one, and we will move it, if needed. In addition, our goal is to review your articles within 48 hours, but ultimately it depends on the workload.

If you have questions or comments about anything related to the submission guidelines or the Article Gallery, simply complete the form below.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


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