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When it comes to home interior decorating, knowing the meaning of colors can help you set the mood you want in any room.

But be careful about using certain colors at their full strength over a wide area (such as painting all four walls a very bright red). More times than not, this will turn them into an irritant.

In this article, I'll share information on not only the meaning of colors, but also how you should go about creating a color scheme when decorating your home. There's a great video that I think you will enjoy.

Meaning of Colors - Warm Colors

Yellow - stimulates the nervous system as well as the mind. Makes objects seem closer and larger. Good choice if you want a room to appear brighter and more spring-like. Captivates the eye, but can be an irritant if over-used. Great choice for a bathroom that doesn't get much sunlight. Its opposite color is violet.

Orange - stimulates the mind and provides and emotional lift. Will stimulate the appetite. Requires the eye to focus, therefore objects seem closer and larger. Conveys warmth and assurance, but avoid over-using. Its opposite color is blue.

Red - stimulates the mind and nervous system. Will stimulate appetite. Bright red can be an irritant if used over large areas. Makes objects seem closer and larger. Its opposite color is green.

Meaning of Colors - Cold Colors

Green - lowers the blood pressure, relaxes the nervous system, calms the mind. Creates a feeling of freshness. Does not require the eye to focus, therefore objects and walls seem farther away. Great for making a room seem larger. Its opposite color is red.

Blue - diminishes the appetite. Use if you want the room to feel more formal. Has a calming effect. Does not require the eye to focus, therefore objects and walls seem farther away. Great for making a room seem larger, but if over-used it can make a room seem cold. Its opposite color is orange.

  interior paint colors                  interior paint colors

Violet - does not require the eye to focus, therefore objects and walls seem farther away.

Great for making a room seem larger. Very subduing color. Try using it with its opposite color, yellow, for an eye-catching combination.

Meaning of Colors - Earth Tones

Brown - in more earthy tones creates intimacy. Evokes a sense of tranquility, but can make a room seem too subdued if used widely without texture or another color to enliven it. Beiges and tans are more sophisticated tones. Opposite color is mint green.

Meaning of Colors - Accent and Background Colors

Black - depending on how it is used, it can create an elegant and sophisticated look in a room or it can depress. Just to be on the safe side, do not use over a wide area. Opposite color is white.

White - creates a stark atmosphere. Great as an accent or background color because it makes other colors seem more vivid and bold. Opposite color is black.

So now that you have a sense of the meaning of colors, the next challenge is to create a color scheme for your home using 2,3 or more colors. Sounds scary doesn't it?

Well, I will admit that choosing colors can be intimidating. But there's an approach that interior designers and decorators use to make the task much easier.

The approach that they use and that you should try is to identify a chair, rug, pieces of art, jewelry, clothing, fabric, or something else that you love. That's because if you love it, there's a great chance that it contains one or more colors that affect you in a positive way. This will be your starting point.

In fact, many interior decorators will tell you that you shouldn't even think of walking into a paint store until you have identified a key object or element that will be the anchor for the room. To see how identifying that item will make your decorating path smoother, watch this great video.

One of the points that I want you to take from the video is that whether your anchor object turns out to be a painting, area rug, or piece of fabric with multiple colors, the creator has already gone through the process of putting together a color scheme that works. You just have to put swatches against it to determine which paint color will complement it best.

For more advice on working with color, check out our article on paint color schemes for more ideas.

If you just don't feel you have the eye for combining multiple colors, then you check out the eBook, Awaken Your Interior Designer. Inside, you get 135 ready-to-go paint color schemes, along with the paint brands/manufacturers. You also get insights into which color schemes are best suited to your decorating style.

I have also created a page that will provide you with more painting ideas. Feel free to click on this link.. Interior Painting Ideas To Bring Your Walls To Life.

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