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It's clear that Home-Decorating-Made-Easy.com is all about providing you with original and fresh ideas for creating your dream home.

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However, now, we'd like to turn the tables on you. :-)

We'd love to hear about your decorating projects and experiences...especially if you've applied a technique from this Web site or from our decorating ebooks.

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Interior Decorating & Home Improvement Stories

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My daughter's new bedroom Not rated yet
Anne is having a Christmas eve wedding and since she's such a special girl, my husband and I wanted to give her the perfect gift. Her fiancée, Thomas, …

Comic Book Piet Mondrian Not rated yet
My boyfriend just completed the below project, and though it still needs some touching up, I'm very pleased with overall how it turned out (I didn't know …

Developing your own interior design ideas Not rated yet
I am not, an interior designer. Well at least in terms of my profession. I work in a city in a completely unrelated corporate business. I do, however, …

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Visitor Stories

Window Valance and Swag
This do-it-yourself project was submitted by Maryellen McCracken of Avacado Heights, U.S.A

A Funky Fun Way to Paint Your Walls
Try multiple paint shades to turn a wall into a focal point and a wonderful conversation piece. Submitted by JoAnn of Bridgeton, U.S.A.

Flashback To The 70's - It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!
This bedroom make over done in 70's retro decor is truly inspirational. Submitted by Robin Seyglinski

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