Home Decorating Style Quiz

By taking this home decorating style quiz, you'll be in a better position to know where you should begin your search for furniture and furnishings that will complement one another and work well for you.

Choose the best answer to each question. (You many want to print this decorating style quiz and keep it in your files.)

1.  Which wardrobe style best reflects the real you?
       A. Casual, informal, relaxed
       B. Trendy, sophisticated, sleek
       C. Classic, formal, elegant

2.  Which would be your ideal way to entertain?
       A. A barbecue with friends
       B. A cocktail party with fine wine, trendy drinks and hors d' oeuvres
       C. An elegant multi-course dinner party

3.  Which piece of furniture matches your taste the best?
       A. An overstuffed reclining chair
       B. A white leather sectional sofa
       C. A wing chair

4.  Which type of book or magazine are you likely to pick up first at a bookstore?
       A. Cooking and recipes
       B. The latest in architectural design
       C. History and fine antiques

5.  Which fabric pattern would you choose if you could only select one?
       A. Neutral color with subtle geometric pattern
       B. Solid color woven design
       C. Floral print design

6.  Which piece of art would be your favorite?
       A. A display of collectible clown figurines
       B. An African mask
       C. An oil painting of classical music instruments

Now total up the number of responses for each letter:

       A. _______

       B. _______

       C. _______

If most of your answers to this home interior decorating style quiz were "A", your decorating style leans toward Casual. You prefer your home to be simple and warm. Your upholstery is soft and round, and fabrics are usually in earthy or neutral colors.

Seating is arranged informally and everyone immediately feels as though they can plop down anywhere. Accessories are lighthearted and whimsical.

If most of your answers to this home interior decorating style quiz were "B", your decorating style leans toward Contemporary. You prefer a sleek, sophisticated design with clean lines. Accessories are minimal, but what you have could be described as elegant simplicity. Some may consider your home to be cold and stark. There may be lots of glass and stainless steel. Your choice in colors may range from black and white to bold and vivid.

If most of your answers to this home interior decorating style quiz were "C", your decorating style leans toward Traditional. Your furniture and furnishing are comforting and classic. There may be a mix of old world styles such as Queen Anne, 18th Century Chippendale, Hepplewhite, and Sheraton. Your colors are typically soft and you are undoubtedly a lover of antiques.

If your answers to this home decorating style quiz were a good mix of two or all three letters, your decorating style is Eclectic.

To investigate decorating styles in more detail, check out the resources below.

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