Tips To Help You Select The Right Eclectic Decorating Decor

An Eclectic decorating style mixes elements from at least two of the other three decorating styles (for example, traditional, contemporary, casual).

Rather than simply providing you with a list of Eclectic decorating ideas, I'll use my own home to help guide you.

Please keep in mind that an Eclectically decorated room can take on many different looks.

My preference just happens to lean toward earthy decor and earth-tone colors with splashes of warm and cool colors intermingled.

If you are thinking of using earth-tone colors, especially for painting your walls, just know that they can be very subdued unless somehow enlivened. This is why you will notice lots of rich textures in the examples.

Any time you go with a mono-chromatic look, it should be enhance by using other elements that will create interest. These other elements can be textures, geometric shapes, and patterns.

Also keep in mind that mono-chromatic can be applied to any color beyond black, gray, and white. For example, you could go with a room all decked out in multiple shades of green. As far as interior decorating is concerned, this would be a mono-chromatic look. This first picture shows a portion of my Eclectically decorated living room. Can you determine which styles have been combined?

eclectic decorating

If you guessed casual and contemporary, you've earned your first gold star :-). The armoire is southwestern rustic…definitely Casual. The sofa is Contemporary as is the floor lamp. The coffee table has a Contemporary glass top with two large pots (Casual) serving as the base.

I'll bet you can find other items that fall in these categories.

Let's move on to another example. Take a look at the picture below. What styles are predominant? What's that you say? Casual and Traditional? Right again. You're good at this!

The paisley patterned comforter and wall design lean towards Traditional while the sheer fabric over the bed and window ensures that room doesn't get too formal.

eclectic decorating

I hope this information on Eclectic decorating has been helpful. As long as you pull together items that are not extremely different in terms of texture and design, you should be able to create a beautiful space that you'll love.



For more information to help you create beautiful rooms, please check out the resource links listed below.

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