Window Treatments Valances are the Jewelry of Your Room



Window treatments valances will add the needed element to compliment the entire design setting of most rooms.

They can be quite elaborate or just a simple topper. The treatment will ultimately depend on the style of the room.

For instance, they can add opulence to soft furnishings and polish to country style furnishings.

Valances are a great window treatment that’s a little different from the usual drapes and blinds. For example, notice how the window valances in the living room below add a touch of elegance to the room.

window treatments valances

Valances are made in a wide variety of styles that will embellish both your windows and the overall design of the room. Window treatments valances are an element that can add that little extra personalization to your home.

A valance added to the top of your curtain or blinds can hide an unsightly track and enhance the finish of a window treatment. Valances are gathered across the width of the window and hung from a rail or board to give a softer finish.

Choosing Among The Styles Of Window Treatments Valances

The type of window treatments valance used should both fit the style of the room and complement the type of window. If you have architecturally beautiful windows, consider using a window treatments valance made of a sheer fabric.

For traditional decorating styles, make sure your window treatments valance is symmetrical. For example, hang a valance over a window, and then add two side panels of equal length flowing down from beneath the valance to the floor.

The furniture style of the room will dictate the type of fabric you use. Choose from sheer fabrics or heavier fabrics such as velvet or brocade. If your furniture pieces are weighty, use heavier fabrics. If your furniture is sleek and contemporary, try sheer fabrics.

A balloon valance, also known as a cloud, blouson, or pouf valance, is a simple window treatments valance for smaller windows. With larger windows, they work well when paired with café curtains.

A blouson valance is a gathered piece of fabric with a "poufed" look. They can be either stuffed, usually with tissue paper, for a balloon look, or tailored (not stuffed) for a straight look.

They often look best when shirred tightly and hung on a Continental rod. Most blouson valances are made with a 2 1/2-inch wide pocket through which the rod is threaded.

The most flexible window treatment is a scarf valance. Although there are some standard methods to hanging a scarf valance, you can also get innovative with your window treatments valance and develop your own look.

A basic scarf valance is a length of fabric draped across the top of your window between hooks at each corner. Scarf valances can be hung in a number of different ways, including using a sconce, swag holder, or even a decorative rod.

They look elegant as a window treatment in conjunction with panels, sheers, blinds, shades, or even alone.

Valances are a great window treatment for a room with a view because they don’t obscure or block the window. As a stand-alone window treatment, they give your room a clean, open look. Of course, you can also hang drapes under a valance to provide for privacy and give your draperies a more finished look.

Whatever style you choose, window treatment valances will add the elegance and grace of a one-of-a-kind window treatment.

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