Window Treatment Designs To Hide Window Flaws



Could you use some window treatment designs to make a window appear taller, wider, shorter, narrower, or just plain better? Well, you've come to the right place.

Unfortunately, not all windows are created equal. Some of the awkward sizes and designs I've seen make me wonder what the architect and builder were thinking.

But the good news is that window treatments can do quite a bit to hide a window's flaws and enhance its architectural presence.

Window Treatment Designs - How To Correct Nagging Flaws

Use these window treatment designs to help achieve the look you want:

Design Flaw #1: A Narrow Window Needs To Appear Wider - Extend the curtain rod beyond the width of the window. Make sure that your panels are wider as well. The panels should fall just inside the window so as not to expose the wall.

Design Flaw #2: A Short Window Needs To Appear Taller - Hang the curtain rod much higher than normal above the window. The minimum height of the rod above the window should be six inches. So the higher the better. Then, make sure that draperies flow to the floor. For more drama, add a valance that extends over the top edge of the window.

Design Flaw #3: An Overly Tall Window Needs To Appear Shorter - Hang the cornice a little lower than normal or hang the curtain rod just an inch or so above the window's edge. Make sure that the curtains flowing from beneath it have a horizontal pattern and are long enough to cover the window. Also, make sure that the color of the window treatment isn't so bright that it directs attention to the window. Perhaps a color that is similar to the wall paint would work nicely.

Window Treatment Design #4: An Extra Wide Window Needs To Appear Narrower - You should break up the window by hanging multiple panels across it. Use tie backs to add interest to the windows and to really make it appear as if there are several windows. One word of caution. If the windows would make a great focal point for the room, you could take another approach.

You could paint the trim around the window a contrasting color or stencil an intriguing border. Perhaps multiple valances and blinds could then be used for privacy and to break up the window without eliminating a wonderful view.

How To Shop For Window Treatments

For more information on window treatment designs, check out the following resources.

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