Flooring And Floor Covering: An Important Factor In Home Interior Decorating



Let me start by saying that flooring and floor covering are not the same.

Flooring includes the hard surfaces found in your home such as wood, tile, and stone that are typically permanent fixtures.

Floor covering includes materials such as carpeting and area rugs that are often laid over hard surfaces.

Now that I’ve gotten that little technicality out of the way, let’s discuss why the way your floor looks is important in home interior decorating.

You’ve probably walked into the lobby of a grand hotel and noticed the marble or stone flooring with intricate and elegant designs. Remember how that made you feel?

It looked so shiny and beautiful you felt a little guilty walking across it…but you also sensed that there was something very special inside.

Of course you may not be ready to drop a bundle on a marble floor for your living room, but whatever material you choose for your floor will help to set the overall mood.

  floor covering                  hardwood floor covering

Are you seeking a sophisticated look and feel for an entry hallway? If so, black and gold, diamond shaped glazed tiles might do the trick.

Or maybe you’re thinking of something more casual and durable? Then wall- to-wall carpeting may be all that you need.

As you can imagine, your choices for flooring and floor covering are virtually unlimited.

Looks are certainly important when choosing flooring and floor covering. But before you pull out your wallet, first decide how the flooring will be used.

If you have children or pets you can expect more wear and tear, so durability has to be a factor. Wood flooring may be your dream choice, but you’ll have to decide how you will handle scratches and spills.

The remainder of this page covers key points that you should consider before selecting your flooring and floor covering, and it outlines the advantages and disadvantages of popular types.

I have also created a separate page on decorating with Area Rugs. When you’re done, come back and click on this link to learn more… Area Rugs.

Flooring And Floor Covering: Key Home Interior Decorating Points:

  • Plain colored flooring will show marks easier than patterned surfaces
  • If your room is small, avoid busy or large–scale patterns in your flooring
  • If you decide to go with tile, use large tiles in large rooms (avoid busy patterns)
  • Don’t vary the tile too much from room to room (this will make a small home look fussy)
  • Protect your new flooring by putting chair protectors on all chair legs
  • Select light color tiles to make a room seem larger and darker tiles to create warmth

Flooring And Floor Covering: Advantages And Disadvantages:

Ceramic Tile


  • Durable, attractive and easy to maintain
  • Comes in a wide variety of patterns, colors, shapes and finishes
  • Versatile with a wide range of border options
  • Works well with wood and carpeting
  • Can be cold and noisy
  • Can be slippery
  • Can be stained if not properly sealed
  • Tough to keep grout clean
  • Can crack, thus requiring replacement

Want more details on ceramic tiles? Click on this link... Not All Ceramic Floor Tiles Are Created Equal: Find Out Why.

Harwood/Pre-Finished Engineered Wood


  • Feels good underfoot
  • Can be refinished
  • Has general good looks


  • May fade over time
  • Doesn’t handle lots of moisture very well
  • Certain finishes scratch easily

Want more information on hardwood flooring? Click on this link... How To Find The Perfect Hardwood Flooring Solution For Your Home.

Laminate Flooring


  • Not easily damaged
  • Easy to maintain
  • Stain and fade resistant
  • Scratch resistant


  • Not soft underfoot
  • When damaged it’s not easy to repair



  • Feels good underfoot
  • Great for deadening sound
  • Can hide sub-floor irregularities
  • Lots of color choices
  • Usually less costly than installing hard floors


  • Will fade over time
  • Not easy to repair
  • Readily shows wear and tear
  • Staining and mildew can be a problematic
In general, there is not a wrong or right solution to your flooring or floor covering needs as long as you understand the pluses and minuses of each type. So think about the mood you want to set in the room and consider how often you will use it.

The only exception I would like to make to the above statement pertains to your bathrooms. I recommend in your toilet and shower areas that you stick with a moisture resistant material such as tile or stone.

But by all means use your imagination here as well. There are all kinds of materials and patterns that could be used. Just watch this video to check out some of the new types of flooring options in the marketplace. Some of this stuff is absolutely amazing!

Floor Covering Solutions

Naturally, if you need some help pulling together a room around your new floor covering, I recommend that you check out our new ebooks The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection.

I hope this flooring and floor covering information has been helpful. For more on this topic, visit the links below.

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