Discount Wood Flooring Choices

by HDME Staff

What's the best discount wood flooring, you ask? Anyone who has ever walked into a home with hardwood floors can attest to the fact there is nothing that can truly compare to the beauty of these carefully chosen and assembled floors polished to a high sheen. However, today there are different types of products available that have the look and durability of hardwood flooring at a much lower cost. Here, we will discuss some of the options available when one is looking discount wood flooring.

Of course, solid hardwood is the first wood flooring choice of most builders. This can be the most expensive unless one finds a special bargain on it, but the quality is well worth the price paid if the floor is properly installed. One can typically choose from oak, walnut, maple, or any of a number of other hardwoods depending on the particular grain and color one is looking for.

For those who want the look and feel of hardwood without the price, there are still other options. One discount wood flooring option that has caught on and is gaining in popularity is laminate flooring. With this product, a thin veneer of the wood one wants is attached to a backer to make tiles that one can lay in adjoining pieces until the entire floor is covered. Laminate flooring is much less costly than true hardwood and has the same appearance when properly installed and finished.

Bamboo is a natural woody plant that grows in tropical regions. While the canes are mostly hollow, they hold their shape well and have a nice even, tight grain. When treated in certain ways, bamboo can be flattened out of its round shape to produce very nice discount wood flooring material that can be stained to resemble many other types of wood that feature tight, uniform grains. One can even leave it its natural color if a lighter floor is desired.

Finally, cork is a lightweight wood that is known for its resilience. Most commonly used to seal wine bottles in the past, many decorators have found that having discount wood flooring built of cork creates many design opportunities in the home. The resilience of cork makes it a long lasting material that will stand up to traffic for many years.

When one is looking for discount wood flooring, there are many options to consider. Laminate is probably going to be the least expensive and full hardwood the most expensive. Yet, there is a wide price range there that can be filled in with bamboo and cork alternatives as well.

The Big Question for YOU!
What type and style of discount wood flooring are you seeking and why? And if you've purchased wood flooring before, tell us about your experience and any lessons learned when it came to buying or installing it.

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Good Choices
by: Mara

I have been looking at bamboo flooring and I think I've fallen in love! LOL It is so pretty and renewable too! I love the idea of having bamboo in my home and underfoot.

Very Informative Tips On Discount Wood Flooring
by: Delores

I live in an older home and am fortunate to have real oak flooring. I love the alternates for newer homes though. My daughter is looking at discount laminate wood flooring for her home. I shall pass along this information on bamboo and cork as possibilities.

by: Alley

I have a question for you. I like the idea of the discount wood flooring made of cork because of it's resilience. I would love to have something that is durable but soft underfoot. However, how do you wash it? Are you able to get stains to come up from the cork? What if my dogs had an accident on it? Will urine come up from the cork flooring? We are thinking about laminate but I would love to have the cork if I knew it would behave the same as the laminate for me.

Laminate Discount Wood Flooring
by: Evelyn

We are redoing the floor in our living room and dining room areas and I have already chosen an Oak laminate wood flooring. I love the oak wood grain and its lighter coloring.

Cork flooring sounds good
by: Dad@Home

This could well be a good discount wood flooring alternative for me when I revamp the flooring in our place.

I had never considered cork as an option. I definitely need something resilient with small kids around. Easier to clean than carpeting too.

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