Marble Floor Tiles

by HDME Staff

Marble floor tiles are striking, long-lasting, and add luxury to a space. For centuries, marble elements in a home have added the look of elegance and beauty just because they have been included in a room. This has not changed. Marble floor tiles not only add visual appeal, however, but also contribute a tactile element as they are cool, smooth, and soft. It is a pleasant material to use as it is easy to cut and shape, allowing for greater degrees of creativity and unique or custom results.

This explains why it is used in so many places that are trying to extend an impression of luxury such as fine restaurants and hotels. If the only thing in a room that was changed was its flooring, using marble floor tiles, the entire space would be upgraded substantially in its attractiveness, sophistication, and artistic charm. With a small amount of effort, elegance is brought to an ordinary room with marble floor tiles.

This being said, marble floor tiles are not as commonly used as other options as they are indeed quite expensive. For many people, the price is prohibitive, leading them to opt for cheaper materials. However, just because you want marble floor tiles it doesn’t mean that you need to use them in your entire home. You can lay them in a single space for special impact. An entryway or foyer, for example, gives a phenomenal first impression when marble floor tiles are used. Hallways can also be improved with their use.

If it is within your budget to do so, marble floor tiles could make an exquisite change to your kitchen or living room, though, too. It is easy to clean and gives the spaces a feeling of tranquility and ambiance.

Marble floor tiles are available in glossy or matte, depending on the look you are trying to achieve and the upkeep you are willing to maintain. For example, while glossy is very stain-resistant, it is also more often used for accent pieces such as fireplaces, instead of large areas of flooring.

You will also want to get to know the various varieties of marble floor tiles, such as Tumbled, Honed, and Patinato, so that you can choose the right one for your space and taste. Though this may seem a bit daunting at first, it is also very interesting and allows you to obtain a better understanding of the important elements of your home.

While they are hard enough that they will not chip, break, dent, or crack from regular use, you can also clean it very easily with most standard cleaning products. No matter which marble floor tiles you choose, they will bring you durability and style for as long as you live in your home.

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Don't like marble floor tiles
by: jimmy

I have never liked marble floor tiles. For some reason they make a place seem so cold. They almost make me feel like I am in a mausoleum or something.

Rugs on top
by: Santana

Marble floor tiles are very beautiful, but you need to put some equally nice rugs on them in the winter time to help keep your feet and house warm.

by: Delores

I love the look and feel of marble floor tiles, but they are cold in the winter. Perhaps one day I could afford to enjoy such fine flooring.

by: Evelyn

I love the looks of marble floor tiles, but if you use them, you need to use a heating system under the floor to keep them warm. They are extremely cold in the winter time and it takes more to heat your home because of that.

by: jayla

I think marble floor tiles are lovely. We put some in in our house and they are great because they stay cool in the summer. Nothing like having a nice cool surface under your feet. They also are easier to keep clean than I had previously thought.

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