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Decorating on a budget doesn't mean that your home will be less comfortable or attractive than one with lots of show pieces.

It just means that you'll have to "roll up your sleeves" to complete certain tasks and be a bit more creative in your home interior decorating approach.

The list of ideas presented below will help you add comfort and beauty to any space without breaking the bank.

Whether someone is decorating on a budget or not, I recommend that considerable more weight be given to the first two ideas. They have the greatest influence in determining the mood and look of a room.

  1. Paint Those Walls - Without a doubt, painting a room gives you the most decorating bang for your money. If you've read my painting ideas on this site, then you know that color has a psychological effect on everyone.

    Warm colors (red, yellow, and orange) make a room cheery and energetic. And cool colors (blue, green, and violet) convey a cozy, more laid back feel.

    The first thing you should do is decide which family of paint colors matches your personality and then drive over to your local paint store and grab a handful of paint swatches.

    Paints are fairly inexpensive, ranging in price from $10 - $30 per gallon. This is very reasonable if you're decorating on a budget. To really bring your walls to life, consider some of the Ralph Lauren textured paints (Suede, River Rock, Satin, etc.)

  2. Lower The Lights - One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to only use one type of lighting in a room. And the choice is usually "general" lighting which illuminates the whole room.

    It's okay to have general lighting available, but only use it when necessary...

    Instead, start thinking about lighting specific areas in a room. Use floor or table lamps with low wattage bulbs to provide lighting near seating areas. Keeping the light at a low level creates a cozy and warm environment.

    Doesn't a room seem more inviting and comfortable when there are two lamps glowing with soft light rather than several bright spotlights shining from the ceiling?

    The good news is that there are plenty of inexpensive lighting solutions if you're decorating on a budget. You'll find low priced lamps at goodwill stores, garage sales, consignment shops, and discounts departments stores. Did you know that you can even make your own lamps? It's easy…

    Just visit your local crafts store for the components. Get glass bases and pour in your favorite colored beads, sea shells, or whatever else you like. You can spice up the lamp shades by hot gluing fabric fringe around the bottom edge.

  3. Rearrange The Furniture - This decorating on a budget idea won't cost you a dime. However, before you start moving your furniture around, lay out the new design on paper. Try positioning some of the furniture pieces at intriguing angles.

    For example, my living room is narrow, so I arranged the sofa at a diagonal angle. This makes the room appear a bit wider. Feel free to take a risk. Just make sure that you don't block doorways or walkways. And definitely move your furniture off those walls.

  4. Hang Prints Or Mirrors - Prints and other artwork add character to your home. Just viewing a piece that you enjoy can brighten your day. Even better, why not hang pictures of your family and other loved ones?...

    Let visitors know a little about you and your personality. If you're decorating on a budget, I suggest that you visit All Posters for affordable prints.

    Mirrors are popular with decorators because they serve two purposes. First they come in many decorative frames to suit any decorating style.

    Second, they can make a room appear larger. When you hang a mirror, try to position it so that it reflects an attractive view, such a garden or a dramatic architectural element.

  5. Decorate With Plants - The natural beauty of plants will enliven any room. As you know, you can use one plant to grow several and there are always sales.

    Check with florists, nurseries, and lawn and garden shops. Also, check your local crafts shop for inexpensive and low maintenance silk plants.

  6. Add A Stenciled or Wallpaper Border - This is an easy and inexpensive way to and depth and texture to your walls. Wall stencils are basically plastic templates with the design patterns cut out.

    You hold or tape the stencil in place, apply paint to the cut out areas, and a clear sharp design remains when the template is removed. The stencils are durable and can be used over and over. Also, since you're decorating on a budget, you should know that they can be used on other things besides walls.

    For example, use the stencil to create the same pattern on your lamps or around a fireplace mantel.

    A wallpaper borders is just as easy to apply as a wall stencil border. In addition, there is an endless number of choices.

  7. Add or Change Slipcovers - Furniture can be very expensive, so when I think of decorating on a budget, slipcovers come to mind. They can be easily removed and replaced, and they are washable.

    Try re-energizing your sofa and chairs with slipcovers. If they are beyond your budget, try the easy "decorating on a budget" techniques that you'll find in the book Quick & Stylish Decorative Crafts.

  8. Display Keepsakes In Groups - Perhaps you have collectibles or keepsakes that are similar in some way, i.e., color, theme, or material (e.g., porcelain). If so, don't sprinkle them around the room. Instead, display them in groups of three's or five's in an artful way. This captivates the eye and adds drama to a room.

  9. Use Spray Paint - Do you have an old table that could use refurbishment? Does the metal headboard on your bed lack something? Did you find a ceramic bowl at a garage sale, but now you think it won't work because it's the wrong color? I could go on and on.

    Reconsider the things you are about to toss aside and ask yourself one question. Could the item be enhanced with spray paint? These paints come in many finishes including antique, hammered metal, textured stone, bronze, copper, and more.

    Remember: When decorating on a budget, paint is one of your best and most versatile design tools.

  10. Try The Unexpected - When you're decorating on a budget, you have to stretch your creativity and think outside the box. Just about any object can be used for a purpose other than for which it was originally intended.

    For example, my coffee table became outdated. But instead of replacing it entirely, I kept the glass top and placed two large, earthy pots beneath it. The effect was surprising, wonderful, and unique.

    So keep your eyes open for the unexpected. Perhaps that old steamer trunk you saw at a garage sale would have made a great coffee table. Maybe that incomplete set of three colorful, rustic dinner plates you saw might have added texture and color to your walls if they were displayed together.

Want even more bedget decorating ideas? Then watch this helpful video.

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