A Great Idea to Awaken Your Walls!

By JoAnn

I had been looking for a unique way of decorating a small third bedroom as a TV/Music room for myself.

I also wanted to incorporate my 70's white bacco bar and other items of yester year. I stumbled upon the idea in one of your articles in the newsletter.

It is a wall using four shades of one color (from a paint strip) in rectangles of decreasing sizes. Your article said it was used on a set design to make a blank wall more interesting.

I chose four shades of green. I painted the entire wall the darkest color. I measured and taped off the horizontal rectangle and painted it the next darkest color. A smaller vertical rectangle was paiinted color #3 and 10 small rectangles were painted green #4.

Due to fact that I allowed a couple of days between each color, it took almost two weeks to complete. It was totally worth it. The wall is the perfect background for my clear acrylic chairs and white shag rug. It is defintely a conversation piece. Thanks for the idea!


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