Flashback To The 70's -
It Doesn't Get Any Funkier Than This!

By Robin Seyglinski



My fiancé and I collect antiques. I always went to estate sales and was attracted to those 70's ashtrays. The colors and shapes were intriguing.


retro decor

My fiancé collected lava lamps and had a funky retro table that his mom purchased at a garage sale.

I am such a simple person and only like white walls. I would say it is hereditary.

Everything was always white in my mom's house.

I really liked the retro 70's era so we decided to go for it. It took me sometime to give him the ok, to paint another color but I got daring.

Kevin taped the wall and asked for my approval and I said it was perfect. I was extremely happy with the outcome.

retro decor

retro decor

The couch and chairs I won on Ebay. They fit the room so perfect, believe it or not the couch was rarely used and was made in 1970, I just had to have it.

Kevin's sister won the auction and I could not thank her enough. The furniture completed the room.

Thank you for your time,
Robin Seyglinski

(Note from Michael: Robin's willingness to get away from those all-white walls should be an inspiration if you've been grappling with a similar decision. Doesn't her new room look fantastic?!)

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