Tips To Help You Select The Right Decor For Your Casual Decorating Style



A casual decorating style is driven mostly by a more casual attitude about arranging furniture and furnishings when compared to the other decorating styles.

With casual decorating, the number one goal is to create a comfortable space that invites everyone to take off their shoes and stay a while. However, this is not to say that your décor should invite clutter or break every decorating rule in the book. The casual sunroom below invites you to hang out for a while, read a newspaper, and enjoy a nice beverage while taking in the view.

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The list below is designed to help jumpstart your thinking for casual decorating ideas. In this way, you will know which type of furniture and furnishing will work best together and help you achieve the look you want. This list is by no means all inclusive.

Casual Decorating Style Elements

Walls And Windows

  • Faux painting (also check out the Ralph Lauren selections such as Suede and Denim)
  • Neutral colors
  • Bright colors can be used sparingly
  • Use wall paper that complements your furniture (nothing too fussy though)
  • Use coarse or cotton fabrics and avoid the shiny, fancy stuff such as silk and taffeta
  • Sheer or lightweight curtains or blinds


  • Candlestick shaped table lamps
  • Try a table lamp with an artichoke or pineapple shaped base
  • A wire-wrapped or iron up-light chandelier
  • Ottoman
  • Wicker chairs
  • Pine wood furniture
  • Over stuffed sofas and chairs
  • Armoire for your television
  • Wooden coffee table (nothing too fancy)
  • Berber carpet
  • Straw baskets atop kitchen cabinets and on ledges
  • Plants and trees (try the maintenance-free silk versions)
  • Folk art or fun pieces that match your personality
  • Prints and pictures are intermixed in a variety of frames
  • Table cloth on your dining table

I think accessorizing your home is where the real fun begins. Through these items, you will tell the world something about YOU. That's why you'll want to add items that reflect your personality. Finally, I recommend that you pay All Posters a visit for your art work.

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