Key Facts About The 10 Most Popular Home Decorating Fabric Fibers



Questions often arise about home decorating fabric, in particular the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Use the guidelines below to help you make the right decisions when choosing decorating fabric for your upholstery and window treatments.

Home Decorating Fabric - Natural Fibers


  • Advantages: cool, soft, takes color well, versatile, withstands abrasions and high heat
  • Disadvantages: wrinkles easily, shrinks or stretches unless treated, will mildew or rot
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Example home decorating fabrics: gingham, chintz, broadcloth
  • Advantages: elastic and resilient, dirt resistant, flame resistant, tear resistant, easily shaped, strong, drapes well
  • Disadvantages: watch out for moths, will shrink unless properly treated
  • Care: Must be dry cleaned
  • Example fabrics: broadcloth


  • Advantages: luxurious and sensuous, very strong fiber, takes color well, retains shape, drapes well, resists mildew, decent wrinkle recovery

  • Disadvantages: shows water spots unless treated, weakened by the sun, may yellow or fade if ironed with high heat, susceptible to moths and insects
  • Care: Must be dry cleaned, unless hand washable is indicated
  • Example fabrics: brocade , matelasse, poult de siue, silk broadcloth

  • Advantages: elegant and refined, good durability, takes a pressing well, does not fade easily, resists moths
  • Disadvantages: poor elasticity, will wrinkle , shrinks and stretches unless treated, yellows with age, will crack if stored for long periods
  • Care: Must be dry cleaned, unless hand washable is indicated
  • Example fabrics: damask, butcher's linen

Home Decorating Fabric - Man-Made Fibers


  • Advantages: very strong, light weight, very good resiliency, dries quickly, dirt and stain resistant
  • Disadvantages: melts at high temperatures, may yellow or gray over time, fades if exposed to the sun for long periods
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Advantages: strong and resists creasing
  • Disadvantages: melts at moderate to high heat
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Advantages: very cotton-like, strong, does not melt or burn at high temperatures, drapes well
  • Disadvantages: not a very strong fiber, wrinkles easily, may stretch when wet, may shrink when washed, will deteriorate with prolonged exposure to sunlight, can be damaged by mildew
  • Care: Must be dry cleaned, unless hand washable is indicated
  • Advantages: very soft and luxurious, light weight, fairly strong fiber, dries quickly
  • Disadvantages: does not dye well
  • Care: Hand-washable, unless otherwise is indicated
  • Advantages: strong and durable, wrinkle resistant, mildew resistant
  • Disadvantages: will shrink, doesn't dye well
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Advantages: good resiliency, looks like silk, resists shrinking, resists moisture, resists wrinkling, drapes well
  • Disadvantages: not a very strong fiber, will melt if exposed to alcohol, nail polish, and super glue, perfumes
  • Care: Must be dry cleaned, unless hand washable is indicated

To gain and understanding of the possibilities available for mixing home decorating fabrics, watch this excellent video.

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