Interior Decorating Living Room: How To Approach A Makeover



There are different interior decorating living room approaches that you could consider if you're ready to give this space a fresh makeover. Your approach will depend on a number of things, but most notably your time and budget.

For example, you might be interested in making over the entire room. Or, you may only wish to change the room color, or perhaps rearrange, remove, or add certain decorations or furniture pieces.

When thinking of decorating ideas for a living room, you need to take into account that this room is one of the most important areas of your home, simply because it is usually seen first by visitors, as well as used by you to entertain guests and relax.

That being the case, how you decorate the living room will say a lot about your personal tastes.

There are many different themes for you to think about when brainstorming over your interior decorating living room project, and depending on the theme you choose, will dictate the color scheme of the room, as well as the decorative items that you will use to complete the look.

interior decorating living room

Interior Decorating Living Room Criteria

Regardless of the theme you pick, the interior decorating approach should be based around the following basic criteria:

Space - The space of your living room will greatly influence the number of options for your interior decorating project. For instance, if you have a large living room, you have more space to work with, and therefore you can use more furniture pieces.

Definition - As you consider decorating your living room, you need to think about the areas of the room you would like defined. Naturally this will depend entirely on the space you have to work with; however, the primary place of your living room that should be defined is the sitting area.

A great way for you to define the sitting area, especially if you have a large room, is to place an area rug where you have your sitting space set up. And the primary sitting area will usually be in front of the designated focal point, which could be a fireplace, view, entertainment center, etc.

Walls - When choosing a color for your walls, good decorating ideas for a living room is to either paint, or wallpaper the walls in a light to medium warm shade. Colors you may want to think about include tones of yellow, brown, green, and white.

Plants - Regardless of the theme you may be thinking of, when it comes to adding extra accessories and showy items, it is a good idea to include a live plant or fresh flowers in your living room.

The reason is simply because a plant is a very calming feature that not only helps to purify the air, but it is also a touch of nature that is soothing to the human spirit. Plants are welcoming, and if nothing else, beautiful to look at.

Remember to not over clutter your living room with too many decorations, after all, despite the theme you may have chosen, your goal is to keep your living room feeling warm, open and inviting.

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