10 Ways To Add
Texture To Your
Home Interior Decor



Does your interior decor seem to lack something? If so, my guess is that what's missing is texture.

Texture is the real or perceived physical structure of materials that appeals to several senses and it determines how you feel in a room.

How To Add Texture To Your Home Decor

If your room is texturally challenged, try some of these ideas to add life to your interior decor.

  1. Apply A Faux or Decorative Paint Finish To Walls- Faux painting is so popular because of its ability to single handedly wake up your walls in a big way. There are faux finishes that mimic wood, marble, leather, granite, velvet, denim, and more. Try one of the "do-it-yourself" kits to create the look and feel you want. Other decorative finishes might include wall stenciling.

  2. Apply A Wallcovering- Your choices in wallpaper are virtually unlimited. You can select textures and patterns to fit any decorating style. Today's wallpapers are nothing like those from the 1970's. There are some very unique designs and they are much easier to hang and remove.

  3. Add A Touch of Fabric To Walls- Fabric makes an excellent accent to your walls and can soften hard edges. See how fabric has transformed the archway in the picture below. You can find sheer fabric like that in any fabric shop.

  4. Hang A Decorative Mirror- A mirror reflects everything in front of it. So instead of a plain wall, your eyes can take in a scenic view or an interesting architectural element.

  5. Lay An Area Rug- Area rugs come in many colors, patterns, and shapes. Just looking at the rich colors can be quite pleasing.

    interior decor

  6. Affix Wood Moldings To Walls- Wood moldings come in various designs and widths. They add both texture and dimension to your walls.

  7. Use Decorative Pillows And Throws- Decorative pillows are made from many natural and man made materials, and there are patterns galore. Find a few that complement your interior decor. Using pillows and throws is also a great way to freshen a room from season to season and during holidays, such as Christmas.

  8. Display Pottery- Earthy and warm, pottery makes a great addition to your interior decor. Consider adding real or artificial plants in a pot. In all of your rooms, you should include at least one natural element, whether it be plants, a rock formation, etc.

  9. Display Straw Baskets- Similar to pottery, straw baskets add charm and warmth to your home.

  10. Use A Decorative Screen- A decorative screen makes an excellent backdrop in any room. It adds dimension and texture. In my living room above, there is a dark chocolate colored screen in the left corner just behind the tree. It's hard to see in the photo, but the screen provides a wonderful back drop and it softens what would otherwise be a dead corner.

Don't underestimate the importance of texture in home decorating. Evaluate each room and determine if you have these or similar textural elements.

For any room, I recommend that you include at least four or five of the above mentioned ideas in your home interior decorating plans.

To get more information on some of the above suggestions, visit the following links.

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