Closet Organization Ideas

by HDME Staff

Looking for easy-to-implement closet organization ideas? Among the most frustrating parts of living in a home is dealing with disorganized storage. This is especially true in places like closets, which hold a very large number of things.

When closets become disorganized and overcrowded, it can feel virtually impossible to find anything or put anything away. This problem can then climb out into the rest of the home because if closets are difficult to use or don’t hold as much as they could, then things will start being placed elsewhere.

Family members will be less inclined to actually use the closets and will leave things lying around, or jam the items into other spaces, adding to the clutter in the living spaces.

Closet Organization Tips

In order to help avoid this problem, use the following closet organization ideas to take control back over your closets and keep it that way.

  1. Instead of buying many different expensive and space consuming clothes storage pieces, a room can often be better served by having a highly functional clothes closet instead. Though drawers are necessary for some items – socks, for example – a much smaller chest of drawers can be used when all of the larger clothes are stored in the closet. This also helps to avoid items from becoming wrinkled and from having overstuffed drawers that make it difficult to locate what you’re seeking. With these closet organization ideas, everything is laid out nicely and visibly. Far less time is spent looking for clothes and putting them away.

  2. Use the right kind of closet storage for the right item. For example, knit sweaters shouldn’t be hung up, as they will stretch, so some shelving will provide a better option for keeping things looking new and yet storing them properly.

  3. Keep things organized. For example, use categories. If it’s a clothes closet, hang your winter things on one bar and your summer things on a second bar. That way, you’ll always know where to look for the correct clothing and will never have to waste time switching seasonal clothes. Similarly, if a closet is shared, keep each person’s clothing separate.

  4. One of the most popular closet organization ideas is to use bins. In an entry closet, for example, hang coats and jackets, but use bins to contain gloves, scarves, hats, sportswear, and other smaller items. You can organize the bins per person or per type of item, depending on how much space you have and how many people are sharing the closet.

  5. Use hooks. Purses, caps, robes, and many other small items with straps or strings can be hung just inside a closet where it is easy to find and grab on the way out the door.

  6. Go through it. Every year go through everything in the closet at least once if not twice. Get rid of everything you don’t want anymore. If it’s ripped or broken and you don’t intend to repair it, or if you just know that you won’t use it anymore, stop hanging onto it and dispose of it where it won’t clutter your storage anymore. Then, by seeing what you have left, you’ll be able to implement one or more of the closet organization ideas to suit your needs.

By putting these easy-to-implement closet organization ideas in place, you’ll put an end to your frustration when trying to find the garment that you want.

For more great closet organization ideas, watch this helpful video.

The Big Question for YOU!
What’s the biggest challenge you're having with getting your closet organized? And if you're someone who finally got their closet nightmare under control, tell us about your experience and share your best organization suggestion, tool, or system.

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by: margo

I tried to use bins but it did not really work very well for me. I switched to a hook system and found that I was able to keep my closet much neater.

Using these tips elsewhere in the house
by: Jaydee

Now I have finally got my home office project underway I will be adopting some of these closet organization ideas for that space.

I need every piece of it to be organized so shall start as I mean to go on.

A constant battle
by: Betty

I'm going to try some of these closet organization ideas and tips. I am so sick of being disorganized and, like the article says, the clutter does end up invading the rest of the house.

My tip for success in closet organising
by: Lydia

As someone who is super organised in the rest of my life I am constantly battling to get my closet space under control.

I have long been a fan of the linen style closet helper, not sure of the actual name for it. Basically you attach it to a hanging pole/rail and it unfolds to reveal several square compartments.

Being open faced it is easy to access and great for small items such as socks and underwear. I have now bought another which is great for summer T-shirts, towels, or even accessories.

Living in a small space I am limited to one large closet. This is a great alternative to housing things all around the room.

Good closet organization ideas
by: Kayla

I routinely have a problem with staying on top of my closet clutter. The biggest problem I have is not designating specific areas for things. I'll try the closet organization ideas you've suggested and hopefully I can get this straight once and for all.

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