Bedroom Painting Ideas

by HDME Staff

When you are looking for bedroom painting ideas, it will be important to take into consideration some tips that will help you to create the look and feel in the room that you are seeking. By spending a little time considering the new bedroom painting ideas and techniques available, you can make your bedroom an oasis or a whimsical wonderland with minimal effort.

The color that is used in a bedroom will depend greatly on the type of texture and feel that you want to build in the room. If you want a room that is serene and comfortable, using pale colors coupled with soft textures will give you the ethereal feel that you want. Some people find that adding a hint of color to texture is a great way to give the room a soft look that does not "look" painted.

Bedroom Painting Ideas - Use Complementary Color On Furniture

Selecting a complementary color to use on furniture and accessories will help you to bring the theme of a room together. If an individual is trying to create a tropical or soft beach look in a room, painting furniture and accessories white against a soft light green will give you the cool, relaxing oasis that will feel serene as soon as you enter the room.

Bedroom Painting Ideas - Use Textured And Layered Colors

When a person is creating a whimsical look in a child's room, using textured and layered colors will help you to create a 3-dimensional wonderland. Until recently, people painted clouds or stars on ceilings and murals on walls that were 2-dimensional and fun. However, by adding different amounts of texture to the paint, you can create great 3-dimensional clouds, stars or murals that will bring your graphics to life and give the room a more magical quality.

Bedroom Painting Ideas - Be Smart About Paint Selection

The paint that is selected for a room should be one that can easily be covered. Bedrooms are the one area of a house that is re-painted more often than other rooms. As styles change, the bedroom is often the area of a home where the color and style are changed. Therefore, using a paint that is easily covered will save you time and money when you want to change out the color or theme.

Bedroom Painting Ideas - Be Daring

Decorating and painting a room when a person is on a budget is a great way to expand the beauty of a room affordability. Selecting a small can of contrasting color and painting frames on a wall in which you place a poster, gives a teen's room order and turns their favorite posters into art that can be changed out as their interests change.

Painting shadow boxes in contrasting colors will make a dull wall pop and move small items from a cluttered dresser top to an organized art grouping. By using colors that fit in the color wheel with your primary color, and textures that will give your colors depth, you can easily create a room that is unique and distinctive.

Checking out bedroom painting ideas before you begin a project will help you to find new techniques and methods that will make experimenting with color and design fun.

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