Bedroom Makeovers: Key Questions You Must Answer



For a change in morning scenery, consider the possibilities of easy bedroom makeovers a solution for brightening your day.

Easy, in this instance also means affordable. With a little guidance, even minimal redecorating budgets can effectively accommodate many of today’s current trends.

Before beginning any bedroom makeovers answer these relevant questions before making any changes. Honest answers only ...the level of successful you achieve in your redecorating project depends upon it. Making a true assessment can also determine the overall satisfaction you feel with the project from beginning to end.

The Big Three In Bedroom Makeovers

Budget - the amount you can afford to spend.

Style - your preferences and tastes in decor.

Creativity - your ability to see possibility where none exists.

Don’t stop reading just yet. The issue of budget is listed first with purpose, not as a stop sign to bedroom makeovers. By understanding your budget you’ll see that with a bit of maneuvering you can effectively detour some common mistakes that are made.

Question No. 1 - What’s your budget?

If you watch any of the current redecorating shows on television, you’ll notice that there is often a common similarity among them. Quite often a project runs over-budget, creating a crisis.

With the bedroom makeovers that we watch on television this situation is usually handled quickly. Typically, the producer or one of the show’s sponsors kicks in the extra dollars and/or products needed and the redecorating project moves forward.

Things usually work out perfectly in the bedroom makeovers we see on television. However, in our own real-life home decorating projects there are no producers and no sponsors. Most people are paying their own redecorating tabs in reality.

So, in this case, it’s best to take a genuine and accurate tally of the amount of money in your bedroom makeovers fund. It’s not a matter of weighing a sense of fine imported champagne taste against just a beer-after-work budget.

Instead you just need to know how to achieve your bedroom decor within your budget.

Question No. 2 - What’s your style?

By the time we were teenagers most of us had a definite sense of style. We had a favorite color, which we used exclusively and excessively in our rooms, limited only by our parents’ level of tolerance. The objects of our admiration and affection demanded and always received top billing.

Remember some of your own truly original bedroom makeovers from the past? Sure, you remember the shrill scream that pierced the house that morning. It was followed by raging thunder ... your mom’s realization that she had washed your dad’s dress shirts behind your load of tie-dyed originals. Once-in-a-lifetime is truly enough for some experiences.

Since you’re probably past the pet rock and tie-dye stage by now decide what you truly appreciate in décor. Are you looking to bring an outdoors feeling inside? Do your thoughts lean towards ideas of bedroom make overs with simple lines and neutral colors? Bold and bright or classic and traditional, whichever style of décor you want is possible once you have narrowed it down to what is right for you.

bedroom makeovers

Question No. 3 - What can you see?

This is where your ability to be creative comes into play. Look for bedroom furnishings with the perspective of the glass being half-full, not half-empty. Consider ideas in bedroom make overs that are original. For example, consider using a piece of outdoor decor inside. You may find that its presence works better indoors than outdoors.

Never pass on a piece of furniture simply because it is flawed. You can always cover it with fabric, sand and paint it, or even emphasize the imperfections more to create bedroom makeovers with a genuine distressed look. Some people pay rather high prices just to achieve that particular style in Country decor.

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