Easy Changes to Enhance a Bathroom



An often neglected area in the house as far as decorating goes is the bathroom. This is a shame because this is one room in our homes that most guests eventually end up visiting.

Easy Bathroom Decorating Tips

Follow a few of these simple tips to add a little life into this forgotten region of your house.

  1. Decorating your bathroom may be as easy as adding some useful storage space. Often in older houses, a bath room was added here or upgraded there and they seem to have been tucked into a nook or cranny in the corner of the house.

    This leads to challenging shapes and harsh corners that may need an added decorative touch. Shelves are a great way to soften these corners as well as turn unused space into useful areas.

    Once you get the shelves, add framed pictures, baskets to store your necessities, or anything else that adds decoration and/or usefulness the shelves.


  2. Many of the bathrooms I’ve seen need one thing to take them from sterile to stylish on the decorating scale -COLOR! Too often we think that white equals clean and our home bathrooms end up looking like their right out of hospital.

    If it is a small space, darker colors may make it look even smaller, so do take care in what colors you choose. But even pale or pastel colors can add much needed life to this room.

  3. Pictures, pictures, pictures. Of course, with the humidity I wouldn’t hang a rare piece of art, but what about photographs or other types of pictures?

    Most of these can stand up to the humidity, and those that don’t can always be replaced later. This is a great way to add some color and presence into your private oasis.

  4. Candles. These serve wonderful multiple purposes in bathrooms. They can add a splash of color to the room.

    They can also give off a pleasant scent.

    And if you are having guests over, lighting a candle in the bathroom is a great way to point out which room it is.

    When the door is open and the room is available, the soft candlelight coming from the room will act as a beacon to your guests.

  5. Dress up a mirror. Almost all bath rooms have mirrors, and many of them are just slabs of mirror tacked up in front of a sink or vanity. A great way to add some design to this type of mirror is to frame it. Hardware stores carry all kinds of molding that can be used to frame in a mirror.

    You can choose your molding style depending on the rest of the room, and you can choose to stain or paint it depending on the other colors in the room. This is an easy, inexpensive way to dress up any mirror in your bathroom.

  6. Add plants. There are many types of houseplants that will thrive in the bathroom. Adding even a small touch of greenery can bring in a little life, and the pot you choose for the plant can also add its own decorative touch.

These tips may seem simple, but a little goes a long way in adding a personal feel to one of the most used and least thought about areas of your home.

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