10 Bathroom Ideas
To Personalize Your Private Oasis



Don't overlook your bathroom. Use these bathroom ideas to add personal accents that will give you and your guests a touch of spa treatment.

  1. Bring In Silk Plants- Plants are a calming influence in any room. In addition, they add texture and beauty. Silk plants are easy to maintain and look like the real thing. Place your favorite flowers in a vase or lay vines along a ledge. In my guest bathroom below, tree branches were placed in an interesting vase for a dramatic effect.

  2. Add Candles/Candleholders- I can't think of any room that wouldn't benefit from interesting candleholders. Your bathrooms are no exception.

  3. Frame Your Bathroom Mirror- This bathroom idea is actually easier than you think. Visit your local hardware store and locate their wood moldings. They come in various widths and have designs similar to picture frames. They can be cut to your specifications. Spray paint them and use double-sided sticky patches to attach them to your mirror.

  4. Lay An Area Rug- This bathroom idea will add texture and color to your bathroom. Oriental rugs will make your search easier because they come in a wide variety of versatile colors and patterns.

  5. Hang Pictures/Photographs- Hang pictures and photographs that tell something about who you are or where you've been.

    bathroom ideas

  6. Select Sculptures/Figurines- What type figurines and sculptures reflect your personality? Wildlife? Clowns? Birds? Ballerinas? Athletes? Whatever it is, place one or two items in your bathrooms that complement your other linens and things and that make a personal statement.

  7. Add Decorative Towels- Have your towels monogrammed or get them with fringed attached to make a personal statement. Although you can purchase the fringed towels, it only took hot glue and a few minutes to apply the fringe to the towels pictured above.

  8. Try A Decorative Box- Decorative boxes come in all sorts of designs, shapes, and sizes to please all styles. They'll add a distinctive look to your bathrooms.

  9. Add Spa Robes- Make your guests feel right at home with thick, supple spa robes. Hang them on the back of the bathroom door.

  10. Say It with Scents- Doesn't a pleasing aroma put you in a relaxing and pleasant mindset? Use a "Lamp Berger" burner or other method to fill your room with the scent of pears, chocolate, rose petals, the ocean, etc. Also, put 3 drops of your favorite of aromatherapy oil on a cotton handkerchief and throw it into the dryer with towels and other linens.

But if you're like me and don't want to spend lots of money on bathroom accessories, I say make your own! Use the techniques in the book, Quick & Stylish Decorative Crafts, to turn outdated items into home decor treasures.

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