Traditional Decorating - Tips To Help You Select The Right Decor



A traditional decorating style recalls times long past. This style is typically more formal and has a European pedigree. This becomes clear when you examine the elegant living room below. The furniture and furnishings are classic traditional. And you certainly notice the European flair.

The symmetrical decor on the fireplace mantel re-enforces the traditional style. And the window treatments help to define the room's elegance.

traditional decorating

Use the list below to help jumpstart your thinking for traditional decorating ideas. This way, you will know which type of furniture and furnishing will work best together and help you achieve the look you want. This list is by no means all inclusive.

Walls And Windows

  • Wall stenciling
  • Fabrics choices for draperies include Chintz, Plisse, Damask, Taffeta, and Toile de Jouy
  • Paint colors are cool (from the green, blue, and violet family)
  • Choose wall paper that complements the fabric choices mentioned above


  • Multi-light antique bronze, brass or crystal chandelier
  • Tiffany lamps
  • Table lamps with urn shaped base and silk shade
  • Gold colored picture frame lights for your best pieces


  • Wing back chairs
  • French country chairs and dining table
  • Antique chest and armoire
  • Four-poster or canopy bed
  • Cherry wood tables and chairs
  • Fabrics choices for upholstery include Chintz, Damask, Tapestry, and Brocade


  • Oriental area rugs
  • Tiffany floral three panel screen
  • Classic portraits (of nature, history, the arts) in ornate frames
  • Antique tea sets and place settings
  • Decorative boxes
  • Plants and flowers (consider using maintenance-free silk versions)
I think accessorizing your home is where the real fun begins. Through these items, you will tell the world something about YOU. That's why you'll want to add items that reflect your personality.

For example, note the old-fashioned euro-style telephone on the nightstand. It's a small touch, but the eye picks it up right away because it's interesting.

traditional decorating

Finally, I recommend that you pay All Posters a visit for your art work. They'll even frame it for you.

I hope this information on Traditional decorating has been helpful. For more information related to this topic, check out the resources below.

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