Quick Decorating With Area Rugs

by Scarlett

Looking for some tips for decorating with area rugs? If company's coming and there isn't time for even a one-day room makeover, one of the quickest changes a home decorator can make is to update a room with a new area rug. Here are some suggestions to help make the best possible choice for decorating with area rugs, even when time is short.

Will the rug be an investment? Quality floor coverings such as oriental rugs and Flokati rugs can be major investments both in money and time for maintenance. It's usually not a good idea to make a decision on a long-term investment when time is short and the pressure is on. Therefore, you can cut your options down considerably if you decide from the start to pick a less expensive rug that can be changed out.

What size should the rug be? Most rug experts recommend leaving about three feet of space between the rug border and a wall. This lets doors open and close easily and gives walking space. For dining rooms, however, the recommendation for decorating with area rugs is to measure the table size and add at least four feet all around. This way, dining chairs will stay on the rug when pulled out and there won't be any unhappy accidents.

Which is better: pattern or solid? In rooms with lots of patterns in the upholstery or window treatment, solid color rugs work better. Rooms with solid color furniture and drapes will be enlivened with a colorful patterned rug in the room's decor style.

What color should the rug be? The basics of color theory are a big help with this choice. Lighter colors will make the space appear larger, while darker colors serve to make the room more anchored and intimate.

Should the rug be the focal point of the room? This can be a tough choice when confronted with a gorgeous floral rug with a central medallion or design that you love at first sight. However, think about what's already in the room. If there's some other strong focal point, you may have to think twice about decorating with area rugs that have a pattern that will diminish other focal points.

Should there be two rugs for separate spaces? With exceptionally large rooms, such as the "great room" pattern of many modern homes, it may be necessary to choose two area rugs to create separate conversation spaces. The rugs don't have to match exactly, but they should be in harmonizing colors and in the same decor style. In addition, one rug should be larger than the other, or perhaps in a different shape to avoid cutting the room in half.

How much texture should the rug have? Area rugs are marvelous ways to add texture to a bland room decor. However, many textured rugs, such as sisal rugs, tend to stain easily and the stains may not come out. So it's best to choose area rugs with greater durability if they're to go in places such as family rooms that have lots of traffic.

These questions should help home decorators make their way through the endless choices when it comes to decorating with area rugs, just in time to work an instant transformation on a room before company arrives.

Expert contributing author Scarlett has wide experience in interior design and decorating with area rugs. Discover her favorite store for the latest in decor floor fashion including oriental rugs and flokati rugs.

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More versatility
by: Delores

This is a great article on the versatility that area rugs provide. Over the years I have changed my homes decor dramatically by simply changing the rugs. They are very affordable nowadays and the results can be quite stunning.

Buying an Area Rug Today!
by: Evelyn

My inlaws are coming the end of the week and this article just gave me a perfect solution to how to make my living room look nicer. I am going out this afternoon to buy a nice area rug for my living room!

To rug or not to rug
by: sarahluv

I have found that the nice area rugs are just to expensive when it comes to homes with children. Cleaning them is not always easy and if you do it wrong they can mold. I like to buy cheap area rugs that I can replace every 6 months or so.

Lots of good pointers to think about!
by: Syd62

Some really good advice here and opinions with which I wholeheartedly agree. I wouldn't put an expensive rug on the floor though, I'd hang it on the wall!

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