Decorating With Animal Print Rugs

by Scarlett

When it is time to redecorate your home, consider proclaiming your love for animals by adding a couple of animal prints to your decor. While you may not want your home to look like a zoo, animal prints can be added to your decor without going completely overboard. See below for some easy ideas on how you can add a touch of jungle wildness to a very elegant home.

For your living room, picture this; Black Italian leather furniture, over stuffed and comfy with a white plush shag carpet and a sofa sized zebra print rug in front of the couch. Add zebra print lamp shades as a finishing touch and you will have a perfectly elegant living room. Leather rugs are a great way to incorporate an animal theme that is versatile enough to go with any other type of decor. Feeling a little sheepish? Add some beautiful lamb’s wool rugs to your decor!

Maybe you would prefer to allow the jungle into your bedroom? You have many animal prints to choose from for your own room. You can find animal print rugs with any type of animal you can think of, from tigers and giraffes to leopards, zebras and even white bears.

A hunter green room with a fluffy leopard print comforter and leopard print rugs on each side of the bed will work for your taste. If you don't want to add a real animal hide to your decor, consider faux fur or an acrylic animal print rug that can create the same ambiance to the room. You pick the animal that most captures your eye, and then build the room around that animal.

Perhaps you have a lovely sunroom in your home and you want to bring animal prints into your room that's already filled with sunshine and greenery. Any animal you can think of that may be found in a jungle can be an excellent choice for the room.

The black of a panther or the gorgeous pattern from a leopard will blend into the room beautifully. The snowy white of a faux fur polar bear will go perfectly in that room.

You know which animals you like best and your home should be a direct reflection of you and your style, so play with different ideas until you find just the one for you. There is an entire jungle to choose from and the intricate color of their fur is awesome in detail and breath taking in design.

Even for a child's room, a jungle theme can be very fun. Think of jungle or zoo animals and incorporate them into your design ideas for your child's room. Kids love animals and one way for them to learn more about them is to have plenty of examples in their surroundings. You can use animal murals on the walls with little stuffed monkeys hanging from chains suspended from the ceiling together with colorful kids’ rugs in animal prints or even animal shapes.

Make it fun for your child and for you by finding innovative ways to bring the wild animals inside. Kids love lamb’s wool rugs that can be placed on the wall or floor where they can feel the warmth and texture.

If you'd like a bit of inspiration for creating a space with a touch of animal print and Africa, watch this short video.

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