Lighting is an essential part of any room. It lets you see, draws out the colors in the decor, and it helps to set the atmosphere for the room. Visual stimulation is very important to the impression that a room’s decorating will have on the people within its walls. Both the light source itself and the illumination it provides can make all the difference to the shades, patterns, textures, and accessories that make up a room’s appearance.

The information in this section of the interactive Article Gallery can help to teach you about the different forms of lighting, lamps, ceiling lights, types of bulbs, soft and bright lighting, dimmer switches, task lighting, feature and art lighting, mood lighting and other issues regarding the sourcing and placement of the illumination in the room. As you explore this section, you’ll be able to do the following:

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Lighting Articles

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Wall Light Fixtures - Selecting The Right One 
Looking for ideas around wall light fixtures? Regardless of what style one chooses to use when decorating the interior of one's home, there are always …

Home Lighting Systems 
When it comes to selecting the best home lighting systems, chandeliers, for long a rich mans option, is one system that can help you illuminate your home …

Ceiling Lighting Fixtures 
Whether you’re completely redecorating your home or you’re just looking to bring new light into a single room, ceiling lighting fixtures allow you to accomplish …

Home Lighting Automation 
No matter what the size of your property, home lighting automation can be used to great effect. Not only can you create a great ambiance in each room you …

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