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by HDME Staff

No matter what the size of your property, home lighting automation can be used to great effect. Not only can you create a great ambiance in each room you will also be saving energy and therefore reducing expense and the impact you have on the natural environment.

The usage of automated lights has been around for many years. Already a large number of businesses utilize such systems in their buildings, for example, you may have used a company restroom in which the lights automatically switch themselves on when you enter and then go off when you leave. Thanks to advances in wireless technology and motion detection you can utilize a similar set up in your own home.

How often do the people in your family leave on the lights in rooms even when they are not being used? Perhaps you have grown tired of telling your kids to switch the lights off every day. This is where a home lighting automation solution would be really useful. Many of the designs for a home lighting automation system do not even have to be programmed, they do the thinking for you, all that is needed is to install the devices.

Of course there are also home lighting automation available which are fully programmable. These can be fixed to come on and turn off at certain times of the day. This would be useful if you always come home at the same hour and do not want to enter a dark house. Also they can be utilized to create the impression of people being at home when you are away; this is a neat way of reducing the risk of being burgled.

Do you wish that you could alter the level of the light in certain rooms at different times of the day using home lighting automation? For example when you are watching a movie you may want subdued lighting whereas when entertaining guests a brighter light may be preferable. By choosing a system of lights which can be dimmed you can be sure to create the right ambiance for any setting.

The cost of a home lighting automation system does not have to be expensive; there is a wide range of solutions available, some for less than fifty dollars and others upwards of a thousand bucks.

Before deciding what home lighting automation solution would be best for your home, it is worthwhile checking out various lighting suppliers and installers so you know exactly what the options and related costs would be.

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Perfect for a family!
by: Syd62

Yes, a home lighting automation system would have been perfect a few years ago when I did have a house full of kids that left lights on all over the place. Alas it's now too late as there is now only me and I don't tend to put lights on at all!

How much?
by: Misty

What do you think the cost is to have these automatic lights put in your house? Would you start with 1 room or do the whole house? I would love this in my house. I didn't know there was any such thing. My neighbor is an electrician so I'm going to ask him tonight if he has installed any of these yet anywhere.

Home lighting automation sounds awesome!
by: AmberT

I love the thought of this in my home. I would not have to say 150 times a day, turn off the lights when you leave the room. Sign me up! I wonder how expensive it is to install. I don't know of anyone who has these in their homes.

I love the idea of home lighting automation
by: Dad@Home

I've always appreciated those automatic lights in restrooms but never thought about installing them at home. It is so true that when you have kids your house can end up lit like a Christmas tree! I bet the power savings would make this system pay for itself in no time.

Sounds interesting
by: RuthAnn

This sounds like a good idea. I'm curious though if it available to people who rent rather than own. Are there portable home lighting automation systems?

I like it but don't get it!
by: taynaM

I would love a home lighting automation system in my home. I am always telling the kids to turn off the lights. I am just nervous about how to convert my house over to this sort of thing.

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