Wonderful Ideas for Interesting Window Treatments



While trying to think of ideas for interesting window treatments, you need to keep the mood and theme of the room in mind, as well as the function of the window.

There are millions of ways to dress a window with those two things combined with a bit of imagination and creativity. But before I give you some ideas for unusual ways to dress your windows, check out this video. It will give you key things to consider and mistakes to avoid.

Interesting Ideas For Window Treatments

In a country themed room, some ideas for interesting window treatments would include; handkerchiefs folded to triangles and connected together with a simple stitch, a country gingham tablecloth cut in half and draped across a rod, eyelet lace strips hung from a cafe rod, seed bags sewn together, and handfuls of hay or decorative grasses wrapped in twine strung together.

Any of these, combined with perhaps a basic white sheer or country eyelet plain curtain would add a wonderful finishing touch to the whole theme of a room.

In a family game room, some ideas for interesting window treatments would include; checker board fabric draped or cut into triangles, old mismatched game pieces transformed into curtain pins or tiebacks, pictures of the kids at various ages transferred onto cloth at a local printing store then cut out to follow the profile of their face and stitched together to create a linear collage, and scraps of favorite t-shirts and blankets long since reduced to shreds sewn together and draped across a rod.

ideas for interesting window treatments

Any of these ideas for interesting window treatments, layered on top of a simple background curtain, would make a very personal and very unique addition to any family room.

In the computer room some ideas for interesting window treatments would include; used CDs threaded with thin fabric and strung across a decorative rod, old floppy disks made into tiebacks, extra computer cables and cords braided into a decorative rope, old computer manual pages strung in a line, and print-outs of computer art sewn into a sheer curtain in a design.

In a laundry room some ideas would include; mismatched socks tied in knots at various heights and loosely tied or sewn dangling from a rod, faded sheets re-dyed bright colors and draped from the window corners or a tieback, a faded sheet tie-dyed a rainbow of colors and ballooned between bright rubber bands, baby’s old bright colored undershirts sewn together at the sleeves and strung across the top of the window.

These could also be used as a curtain to separate the laundry area from the kitchen or utility room. Any of these ideas for interesting window treatments would brighten up even the smallest laundry room and perhaps allow you to enjoy doing laundry again.

These window treatment ideas are only the beginning of the list of where your imagination can take your windows. You don’t have to settle with the pre-packaged, boring curtains any more. Look around the room where you are standing and let your eyes pick up ideas from your surroundings.

Open your mind and allow any random object to become the focus of your attentions, pretty soon you’ll have your own wonderful ideas for interesting window treatments.

I hope these ideas for interesting window treatments have been helpful. If you'd like to learn more about this topic, check out out recommended reading below.

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