Major Appliances

Every home needs a certain number of major appliances, from a refrigerator and stove, microwave and garbage disposer, to a dishwasher, clothes washer, dryer, etc., in order to function conveniently. These major appliances can range from the very basics in performance, to those with quite luxurious features. The right appliances can mean the difference between a proper chef’s kitchen, or a very fundamental space that provides the bare minimum in appearance and function.

Choosing the right major appliances is a matter of budget, planning ahead, and understanding what you expect from its performance. There are many different things that you need to consider before making that final purchase. In this section of the interactive Article Gallery, you’ll get information about major appliance features, technology, types, problems, shopping strategies, choices, etc., to make the right decisions. As you explore this section, you’ll be able to do the following:

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    Major Applainces Articles

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    Stainless Steel Refrigerators - Growing In Popularity 
    I love stainless steel refrigerators! One of the appliances that helps to define the appearance of a kitchen is the refrigerator. In today's kitchens, …

    Single Drawer Dishwasher 
    Thinking of getting a single drawer dishwasher? There are a few guests coming home and you have to cook a lot of food for everyone. The cooking part is …

    Double Wall Ovens 
    Want to know why double wall ovens are pretty cool to have? Since most people have only one oven, the majority of us don’t even really think of a second …

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