Double Wall Ovens

by HDME Staff

Want to know why double wall ovens are pretty cool to have? Since most people have only one oven, the majority of us don’t even really think of a second one, especially if they’ve never had wall ovens before.

However, once you see double wall ovens in action, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. When it comes to large meals, holidays, or entertaining, double wall ovens can make all the difference in saving time and frustration, but they have many other benefits as well.

To start, because double wall ovens are not an appliance that stand on the floor, they don’t take up the space. This allows you to can either open up your kitchen to make it look bigger, or you can add additional storage with a cabinet, for example, where the oven would have been.

Kitchens can always benefit from more storage. Having the right amount discourages things from being crammed into too little cupboard space. This makes the kitchen more organized and easier to navigate, making cooking and cleaning up a much more pleasant experience.

Double wall ovens also open up your kitchen to more cooking space. You can choose the width and height of the ovens you’d like, and since there are two instead of one, your cooking capacity is doubled. By choosing double wall ovens that are energy efficient, especially convection ovens, food is prepared in a much shorter time, using a lower temperature, and using less energy. This saves both time and money, which is definitely something from which we can all benefit.

These days, oven manufacturers are always adding more features and technology to enhance the performance of the double wall ovens they produce. Convection ovens, for example, use specially calibrated fans to circulate the heat so that food warms more quickly and evenly. Many are also digital and programmable with several different features and settings.

Double ovens nowadays are also much more user-friendly, meaning that you can use many complicated features with only the touch of a button. The controls are easy to use, and, because they are wall-mounted, they’re available at the perfect height, without reaching or crouching.

The decision for many people, therefore, isn’t whether or not they actually want double wall ovens, but is the choice as to which appliance is best for their home and their family. With their increasing popularity, there are ovens with many different sizes, features, and brands.

You need to decide how much space you have for the ovens, what you’d like them to be able to do, and how much you are willing to spend on your new appliance. This should not be a hasty decision. Take your time and look into what is available and at what costs you can obtain them before making your final purchase.

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Sounds good
by: Taylor

This type of oven is appealing to me more and more as time goes by. They've been around a long time too. Remember "The Brady Bunch"? They even had one.

Double wall ovens are nice!
by: Maya

My sister just renovated her house and she put in a double wall oven. The convection oven is really handy for reheating foods and keeping dishes warm while other foods are cooking. However, she still has a cooktop which is separate, so she actually lost a wall of cabinets where the ovens were installed.

I'd Love To!
by: Alley

I'd absolutely love to have double wall ovens! We have family over all of the time and it would save me so much time and worry. We may have to break down and put in double wall ovens since I've read this article. I am seeing the benefits right now as I type this!

A bit over the top
by: Meg Starr

It's a bit too much for a small bungalow with only one person who never entertains, but if you have a huge kitchen, go for it!

I used to want one
by: jayla

I used to want one but It can not fit it in my kitchen. It may not take up floor space but it still takes up space and my kitchen is just not build to be able to get one of these in without a major renovation project.

Love them!
by: Barb

I have a single wall oven right now, but in a previous house I had double wall ovens and I absolutely loved them. It was so convenient, especially on holidays or for large gatherings. When it is time to replace the oven I have now I plan on installing double ovens again because I miss the convenience.

Really cool!
by: Syd62

Really cool article and I'd love to get a double wall oven but I wouldn't have any use for it. I hate to admit it but I use the microwave and the barbecue most of the time! My husband hates cooking apart from on the BBQ and I just don't have the time.

Double wall ovens are useful
by: Jaydee

My good friend, who is a chef, has double wall ovens at home and she raves over it. Many of her reasons support the points made here, such as being a space saver and vastly increasing the amount of food you can produce. As she brings her work home (catering for parties and events in her free time) I can see the benefits.

I have only been lucky enough to have a double wall oven once and it was freestanding. It really encouraged me to take up baking as it is so easy to make things like bread, No more running around looking for a warm place to 'prove' the dough. Just pop it into the top oven while the bottom oven is busy cooking up something else.

Having seen the extra benefits of a wall oven I will definitely consider this as my next option. Now I just need to find a place to live that is big enough :)

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