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Your options are virtually unlimited when it comes to decorating kids rooms. Kids love the unusual and will be absolutely thrilled to know that you're designing a space just for them.

  decorating kids rooms                  decorating  kids rooms

The ideas presented below should help to get your creative juices flowing.

However, the information on this page is just the beginning. Once you've selected a theme, you'll want to make sure that the room is child-friendly.

When decorating kids rooms, there are special issues to consider such as storage space, window treatments, lighting, wall covering, and more.

Decorating Kids Rooms: Popular Colors

Kids love bright colors. However, I recommend that you NOT paint large areas in bright colors (for example, all fours walls bright red) because they have been shown to excite or cause anxiety. I'm sure the last thing you want is to have the little ones bouncing off the walls :-).

Here's a list of the most popular kid colors:

  • Reds
  • Strong blues
  • White (more appealing to the very young)
  • Greens
  • Orange
  • Blue/Green
  • Yellow (more appealing to the very young)
  • Pink

Decorating Kids Rooms: Themes & Ideas

Below you will find a number of great home interior decorating themes for decorating kids rooms. See if you can pull ideas for decorating kids rooms from several descriptions to create a design that's all your own….with your child's help, of course.

decorating kids rooms                   decorating kids rooms

Also, note that there are some themes that could fall into more than one Decorating Kids Rooms category. No problem.

The list is only a guide. Just pick and choose the ideas that best fit your situation.

Decorating Kids Rooms: Young Girls

Angels - Use the rag-rolling faux painting technique and paint the walls a light gold color. Blend in streaks of a second darker color to add drama. This will also give the walls a nice texture. Then stencil on images of angels and wispy clouds all around. Try and capture these images in your window treatments and decorative pillows. Naturally, for this decorating kids room idea you'll want to display plenty of angel figurines.

Rainbows - Paint the walls white and stencil giant rainbows on them. Include your child's favorite colors in the rainbow. Hang colorful posters of actual rainbows. Ensure that furnishing include one or more of the rainbow colors. Mix another pattern in the décor that contains those same colors.

Unicorns - Light blue and white are the colors that come to my mind when I think of unicorns. Display vignettes of unicorns on shelves and stencil their images on the walls. Add plenty of decorative pillows printed with unicorns and your theme colors.

Dolls or Teddy bears - These two themes have always been winners! You'll want a display area for collectibles. Adorn the bed with large and small teddy bears or rag dolls. Hang a little swing from the ceiling and sit a bear or doll in it.

Underwater scenery - Paint the walls blue. Stencil on undersea creatures and images. Include decorative pillows printed with dolphins, seahorses, and more. Add a comforter that captures several of the bright undersea colors. Display figurines or decorative plates of undersea life.

Disney characters - Apply a wallpaper border, containing Disney characters, around the upper edge of your walls near the ceiling. Then paint one wall bright red or blue, leaving the others white. Hang posters all around. Add a Disney character comforter and sprinkle stuffed animals all over. If you'd like ideas for painting the walls in a unique way that really expresses your child's personality, consider rubber stamping. It's easier and faster than stenciling and it's not permanent like wall paper. You can even stamp many of the items above on the wall. To learn more, check out our book, Creative Stamping for Walls & Furniture.

Decorating Kids Rooms: Young Boys

Space - Paint the ceiling a dark blue or even black. Stencil or glue on little stars and other heavenly bodies. Paint the walls a light blue and stencil or draw a few large rockets or fantasy space ships. As an alternative, hang posters or attach cut-outs to the wall. Display large colorful rockets in the room.

Race cars, Airplanes, or Trains - Just about every little boy has a fascination with one or all three of these themes. Paint the walls your child's favorite color(s) and hang large images around the room. Consider hanging one or two model airplanes from the ceiling. Be sure you have plenty of storage space for toys.

Clowns - Stencil or wallpaper a border, containing clowns or a circus motif, around the upper edge of the walls. Paint one wall in red and white stripes (6-8 inches wide) and leave the other walls white. Add a small chair with red and white striped fabric. Dress the bed with a comforter that has clown or circus prints. Decorative pillows will complete the ensemble. Don't forget to display lots of clown figurines.

Jungle - A jungle print comforter and decorative pillows will set the theme right away. Paint one or all four walls your child's favorite color(s), then attach cut-outs and posters. Add plenty of stuffed animals. A play area is a must and be sure to add several books with plenty of colorful pictures.

Wizards and dragons - Long before Harry Potter, wizards and dragons have held the imagination of children. When decorating kids rooms for this theme, the colors of violet and blue come to mind. Attach cut-outs of dragons and sorcerers to the wall. Find comforters and decorative pillows with similar images or colors. Add colorful toys. Try and keep this theme as light as possible for very young children.

Dinosaurs - You can really turn this theme into an educational experience for your child. You'll want an area for your child to play with his new found friends. Also include several books on dinosaurs with large pictures. Use this as an opportunity to teach and read to your child. Sprinkle stuffed dinosaurs around the room.

Decorating Kids Rooms: Teenagers

In addition to the bed, be sure that you furnish your teenager's room with a desk, chair, and lamp for studying and reading. And don't forget an alarm clock. Need I say more? :-).

Music - I can almost guess the painting idea that your teen has in mind. And it probably involves painting the walls black. Don't panic. If your teen pushes for black walls, work out a compromise. Allow them to paint one wall this color. Hang posters with black, gold, or silver colored frames. Use black and white matting on some of the pictures to give a floating appearance.

Add accessories, such as a comforter, with black and white checks. You'll find that you can still add splashes of other colors with decorative pillows, figurines, and artwork. I think you will be very surprised at how attractive the room will look.

Sports - Create shelving for displaying collectibles. Hang posters of athletes in action. Paint the walls with wide (6-8 inches) stripes in your child's favorite colors. You may also want to consider painting the walls the colors worn by their favorite team.

Geometric shapes - Check or diamond shaped patterns are popular and attractive. Paint one wall in this pattern using your teen's two favorite colors. Paint the remaining walls in the lighter or the two colors. Make sure that the pattern is repeated in a few other ways, such as in the fabric of a chair, decorative pillows, and lamps.

Floral patterns - Apply wallpaper or stencil a border around the upper edge of the walls. Ensure that it contains your teen's favorite florals and colors. Pick out a light color from the pattern and paint the rest of the walls that color.

Hang framed posters of flowers arrangements and other images that capture the same colors and theme selected for the border. Find a comforter that is similar to the floral design and add decorative pillows.

Include other decorative accessories that draw out the darker colors in the design. Place a colorful silk flower arrangement in a beautiful vase.

For wall prints and posters on just about every topic under the sun, I recommend that you visit All Posters. They'll even frame your choice for you!

Decorating Kids Rooms: Babies

Colors - Babies are fascinated by everything around them. I'm sure you've gotten a chuckle when your baby found more interest in the box that held a toy rather than the toy itself.

I recommend that you use pastel colors on walls so as to not over-stimulate your child. Or, paint or stencil on simple geometric patterns or stripes in toned-down colors. Your accessories should also reflect basic, solid colors…no more than three or four.

For more great ideas for decorating children's rooms, watch this video.

Ideas For Decorating Kids Rooms

Want even more decorating ideas? Then check out these resources.

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