Home Decorating Idea Checklist: 10 Ways To Make A Room Seem Larger Or Smaller



Refer to this home interior decorating idea checklist whenever you want a small room to appear larger or vice versa. It's obvious why someone would want to make a tiny room appear wider or taller, but why would you want to shrink a spacious room?...

The reason is because a large room can sometimes seem cold and impersonal. For example, many people try to create an oversized conversation area within a large space. This results in too much distance between seating and so conversation is strained or limited.

Decorating Idea Checklist For Visually Resizing A Space

Try these home decorating ideas and I'm sure you'll be surprised and pleased with the effects:

  • Use Up-lighting- Up-lighting will make a room seem taller. Use up-lighting as a backdrop for plants or a screen.

  • Prevent Light From Flowing Upward- If light is kept from flowing upward, the room will appear cozier. Use darker lamp shades or low light sconces.

  • Wash One Wall With Light- Washing a wall with light will make a room appear wider.

  • Wallpaper or Paint Stripes- This decorating idea will make a room seem taller.

  • Paint Walls A Cool Color- Applying very light, cool or neutral paint colors (blue, violet, and green family) to your walls will make the room appear more spacious.

  • Create Two Conversation Areas- If you create two conversation areas in a very large room, this will make the room appear to be cozier overall. Conversation will flow more comfortably as well.

  • Use A Tall Armoire- This is another great decorating idea for increasing the perceived height to a room.

  • Hang Decorative Mirrors- Mirrors reflect whatever is in front of them. Try positioning the mirror so that it reflects a great view or something interesting. This will make your room appear larger. The mirror pictured below, in my living room, happens to be built-in, but notice the level of depth it provides. Thus making the room appear larger. Now, imagine the effect if that space was just some dumb wall.

    decorating idea

  • Hang Drapes/Curtains Higher- If you hang drapes above your windows, higher than usual, it will make the window appear taller and therefore the room. This is a great decorating idea for adding drama to a room and make a window seem more impressive.

  • Lay Area Rugs- Lay area rugs to section off a large space. A beautifully patterned oriental rug can easily stand on its own as a transition piece from one side of a room to the next. The rug will do a wonderful job of creating the perception of two smaller, yet inter-related rooms.

For tips on how to make a small room seem larger, watch this great video.

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