Use This Time and Money Saving Strategy To Shop For Childrens Furniture



When shopping for childrens furniture, durability and safety should be your primary concerns. Be sure that bunk beds and other childrens furniture meet federal safety standards.

In addition, children need plenty of room to move around. Avoid the temptation to fill a small room with every matching piece from a bedroom set. Fewer pieces will also make the room look larger.

Below is a list of childrens furniture that should give you some ideas on how to best furnish your child's bedroom. At the end, I have provided you with a great shopping strategy for childrens furniture as well as links that will allow you to view items online.

Childrens Furniture - Beds

Bunk Beds - make sure that ladders, safety rails, and handrails are sturdy. Some bunk beds can be configured so that the lower bed is perpendicular to the top bunk rather than parallel.

They can also be found with a built-in chest of drawers and under bed storage bins. Beds are approximately 41" Wide x 79" Long.

They can be a bit longer if the bunk ends are thicker or have a ladder attached.

Loft Bed - similar to bunk beds. Great if you have children that share a room.

Canopy Bed - they do come in the smaller twin sizes to fit children.

4-Poster Bed - the posts/legs on the headboard and footboard extend vertically. Great choice if the ceiling is high.

Trundle Bed - has an extra mattress that slides neatly and unnoticeably under a regular bed. This is great solution if you have a child that occasionally has a friend who sleeps over.

Sleigh Bed - has a wooden headboard and footboard that has the look of a sleigh.

Bookcase Bed - headboard doubles as shelving to display photographs, figurines, candles, books, and other personal items.

Captain's Bed - has built-in drawers underneath the bed for extra storage.

bedroom furniture

Childrens Furniture - Seating

Rocking Chair - they come in all sizes and many are quite colorful.

Childrens Furniture - Storage

Chest of Drawers - consider getting a 3 or 4 drawer chest with a hutch on top. The hutch would make a great display area for books, figurines, and other personal items.

Armoire - yes, they do come in child sizes. Some even have built-in dressing mirrors.

Dresser - would complement your chest of drawers and provide a dressing mirror.

Toy Box - can be used for storing more than toys.

Lingerie Chest - a tall narrow chest of drawers than can store undergarments, socks, belts, and other small items.

Blanket Chest - a great general storage solution. It can be used to store toys, linens, and other items.

Childrens Furniture - Desks

Desk & Chair - this is a must for teenagers to read and study. Consider getting one with a hutch that can accommodate a computer, small lamp, and space for books and supplies. Make sure that the desk chair is comfortable and doesn't place an unnecessary strain on your child's back. (Desk typically measures 48" W x 18" L x 30" H.)

Childrens Furniture - Tables

Side Tables - if you don't have room for two bedside tables, one will work just fine. Place a silk tree on the other side of the bed for balance.

Tea Table & Chairs - great for little girls. Chair backs are shaped like tea cups.

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