Animal Print Bedding - Releasing Your Wild Side



Animal print bedding is a perpetual favorite; not only does it do the needed job of letting you have a good night's sleep, it lets you do it in style.

Of course, many people argue that bedding has little meaning; it is just something to cover up with.

For others, however, it is another way to express themselves, another way to decorate a room and make it their own. Animal print bedding sends a distinct message, one more than hinting at exotic ideas.

We associate animals with power and the wild; that is why animal print bedding is such a favorite. Spreading out a cover of zebra stripes or leopard spots lets us imagine something different than the typical flowered print.

animal print bedding animal print bedding

It is a lush image; we conjure African plains or dark woodlands or canopied rain forests.

Animal print let's us create a fantasy world--just a touch of the unique among the ordinary.

But, Is Animal Print Bedding Too Much?

One should take caution before using animal print bedding as a statement for the room. A little goes very far with this style. A common mistake people make is to overdo it.

Having animal print bedding as a focal point in your room can serve it well; you make the right statement without overpowering guests with the style.

However, using animal print as a cover for every surface in your room ruins the effect.

Your animal print linens becomes just another part of the room; it doesn't stand out and it doesn't create any visuals in the mind. Instead, it seems to be more a problem.

For example, if you prefer zebra print to others and choose to cover your bed, your floors and even find pictures of zebras to hang on the walls, the effect will be overwhelming, possibly even hypnotic. You do not want to flood your room with animal print. You want it to stand out.

Animal print bedding is most effect when it is the center of attention. When decorating, don't allow other aspects of the room to compete. Also, decorate with your animal print bedding in mind.

If the rest of your room is, for example, styled in a Victorian manner, then this will seem out of place. Or if you have all white wicker furniture and thick quilts, again, this could seem out of place.

Animal print bedding should make a statement but not a bad one. You want it to blend enough within the room so not to cause confusion. If your bedroom clashes with it, you might consider placing it in a guest room or something similar. There, it doesn't matter quite as much.

Choosing an animal print can be fun and add that touch of unusual to your room. When used properly, it sends a statement of fantasy. If used incorrectly, it can be nauseating. So, you just have to remember to make wise decisions; then, just lay back and enjoy.

Animal print bedding: bring out the wilder side of your bedroom, without bringing in the wild.

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