Wall Mirrors - Reflecting Your Style

Perhaps you should consider wall mirrors, if you have a blank space to fill and are looking for a simple, but effective, way to fill it.

These add so much to any room and can create an new look for any part of your home. Mirrors serve multiple purposes, which are highlighted below for your convenience.

One: walls mirrors change a space. If you are not blessed with large room and are looking to create the illusion of space, mirrors can achieve that. By carefully arranging these, they can make an area seem bigger through reflection. This also creates depth. One or more mirrors might also be a good choice for a hallway decorating project.

Of course, wall mirrors do more than add the illusion of space. They also can make a room appear brighter. If your rooms lack light and you don't want to add extra lamps, wall mirrors make it easier to give the appearance of light through their reflections.

Two: wall mirrors look good. Now that the functional element has been explained, you can see another advantage to choosing wall mirrors: their appearance. A bare wall is not, typically, attractive.

Even with the most minimal of styles, you still need something on your walls. Mirrors are a perfect answer. They match with any look (whether contemporary, victorian, country, etc) and can provide effect details for your wall.

Three: mirrors come in a variety of styles and sizes. This means that, no matter what your decorating preference, you will be able to find the perfect mirror. If you favor victorian, there are gilded frames with elaborate details to be found.

Or, if you shabby chic, antique stores can provide you with small mirrors with peeling paint jobs. It's all there for you to find. Wall mirrors can be large or small, rectangular or round, simple or elegant. There is a style to match your own.

Four: wall mirrors take up room. As odd as that expression may sound, it's true. Sometimes, you just need to fill a space. Perhaps the paint color isn't enough; or, perhaps, other items don't fit. Whatever the reason, there will come a time when you need to take up room. Mirrors can easily accomplish that.

Five: mirrors can emphasize your best style features. If you have a favored object or area in the room, a mirror can intensify its quality.

By carefully placing these around the room, you can reflect the object or features from different angles, drawing attention to its merits. This can reinforce your preferred decorating style.

Wall mirrors host many advantages; it should be noted, however, that they can cause problems in a room. If used in bulk, they can give the illusion of being at a carnival, instead of a home.

Also, if you have larger areas, too many mirrors will only make your rooms seem wider and less intimate. You should exercise caution before placing wall mirrors up. When you hang one, look to see what all it reflects and how it makes the room "feel". If you don't like the image, change it.

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