Hallway Decorating Tips And Ideas

by HDME Staff

Looking for hallway decorating advice? When one is planning to re-decorate their home they are often faced with areas that present unusual problems. One of these concerns hallway decorating. These areas are sometimes small and sometimes large, but regardless of size, often require a great deal of creativity to have them blend in with their surroundings.

The type of hallway involved, as well as its location, are factors which influence how one plans their design scheme. Whether it is an entrance hall or simply a hall in the middle of the house makes a big difference in the type of decorating done. Wall coloring and lighting available also make a big difference.

If it is an entrance hall where one comes through the door and faces a wall a short distance away, having a small, attractive table and interesting art on the wall facing that entrance presents a welcome to the incoming visitor. An arrangement, for example, of three long oriental prints with small oriental figurines or dishes on the table is very attractive and immediately attracts attention.

With a long hall many people use family photographs, in attractive group arrangements, to present an interesting showing of family sittings. These pictures should be carefully arranged for effective hallway decorating in order to not just clutter the walls and take up space. A view of decorating magazine will often show very artful ways to make this presentation.

Other attractions that are eye-catching on these walls are decorative art or unusual items picked up in one's travels. Place mats from the Caribbean islands, for example, can often be placed surrounding a picture of the location. These mats are very colorful and cause one to stop and examine them and the picture as well.

In a college dorm or frat house the tendency is to put up various colorful posters for hallway decorating. The advantage of these is that they can easily be taken down when something else becomes popular. This turns an otherwise drab hallway into something that is interest to everyone.

The floor of the hallway is very important. If it is an entry hallway one would, no doubt, wish to use some type of tile in a suitable color. This would prevent the tracking in of dirt or mud in stormy weather. In a hallway with wooden floors, some people prefer to leave them bare while others like to have a carpet covering that matches other carpets in the home. Regardless of what is used in hallway decorating, it is possible to make a hallway as interesting and attractive as the rest of the home.

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Family Pics?
by: Irene D

That's a wonderful idea for hallway decorating! I have a bunch that I wanted to display but I really have never been able to find a place for. My hallway would make a wonderful gallery for those photos! I'm going to start tomorrow. Thanks for the wonderful hallway decorating tips and ideas!

Brighten and ligthen
by: Tori

Most average size newer homes don't have much hallway to speak of, so it isn't a concern for most. In the more spacious modern home as well as older homes where hallways tend to be dark and narrow, I've found a lighter paint color, mirrors and wall sconces can help alleviate the tunnel effect.

No hallways
by: Petunia

Believe it or not, I don't have any hallways in my house. It is completely open concept. I have two entrances - one into the living room and one into the kitchen, but there are no halls there either as the doors open into wide open rooms.

dark hallway
by: Trevor

I have a short and narrow hallway in the middle of my house that I'm going to paint soon, and I'll probably use a bright color with 2 small mirrors on the wall at either end to help it appear more spacious.

Entryway Flooring
by: Momof12

The problem I am facing is what to use for flooring in my entryway. Four rooms and a hallway lead off of the large entry area. What kind of flooring and color of flooring would look the nicest?

Hallway Decorating
by: jimmy

Hallways are always the one place in my house that never make sense from a design standpoint. I am always at a loss and confused what to do. What I really want to do is learn to make it become something that is more than eye candy. I am looking for ways to make my hallways functional.

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