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If you need home lighting ideas you will find that there are many different light styles you can choose from.

Although lights may have a plain, functional, fancy, ornate or artistic appearance, when it comes to the actual lights themselves, they can be split into theses three categories:

1. General lighting
2. Task lighting
3. Accent lighting

The following home decorating tips covers each of the lighting types to help give you home lighting ideas:

General lighting – The purpose of these lights is to create the overall illumination of a room. Ceiling lamp, ceiling fans, and table lamps are all good examples of general lighting.

Task lighting – These lights are designed to reduce eyestrain by providing enhanced lighting to aid the eyes in completing certain tasks such as reading, sewing, homework, computer work, etc. Popular task home lighting ideas include reading lamps, desk lamps, makeup lights and inspection lights.

Accent lighting – These are lights used to highlight certain decorations within a room such as a painting, picture, plant, statue, cabinet, etc. Accent lights are small and are directed toward the decorative piece they are meant to accentuate.

Home Lighting Ideas For Each Room

With the above light types in mind, here are some home lighting ideas you can consider for different interior rooms:

Living Room – When it comes to your living room, it’s a good idea to ensure you have enough general lighting to illuminate the room. Either install track lighting or a ceiling light in the center of the room to create the desired affect. General lighting is a necessary feature if you plan on entertaining guests in the living room.

Task lighting is also an important feature that should be on your home lighting ideas list for your living room. Look for a good floor lamp or table lamp and be sure to position these lights in the precise areas where you or other family members are most likely to read and so on.

In addition, if you have a nice painting on the wall, an accent light will draw desired attention to the piece and give your living room a completely different look and feel.

Kitchen – Although a ceiling fan or light is a fine choice for general lighting in the kitchen, this room is all about task lighting. Great home lighting ideas for your kitchen include installing strip lights underneath cabinets and adding some recessed lights in the ceiling. Here's a great video that explains how to best approach incorporating lighting into your kitchen's design.

Bathrooms –When it comes to the bathroom specific lights are required. Instead of a light fixture on the ceiling, most bathroom light fixtures are placed along the top or around the mirror. Soft white fluorescent bulbs provide gentle lighting that showcases the entire face and doesn’t cast shadows beneath the chin, nose and eyes. Depending on the type of bathroom you have, a recessed downlight is also a fine addition above the shower or bath.

Bedroom – Like the living room, a combination of general and task lighting are the best home lighting ideas for the bedroom. A lamp for the bedside table will serve as a good reading light, while a recessed light on the ceiling equipped with a dimmer will allow you to change the ambience of the room based on your desired mood.

Lighting is a very important part of your home decor. It make a room look nice or hideous. So take care to plan out what's needed and where it should be located.

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