Tips To Help You Select The Right Contemporary Home Decorating Decor

This home decorating style is unmistakably sleek, hip, funky, chic…and probably a few other names I can't think of right this moment.

With contemporary home decorating, your décor is simple yet bold. While one might confuse elements of the other decorating styles with one another, contemporary decorating is a truly unique.

Use the list below to help jumpstart your thinking for contemporary decorating ideas. This way, you will know which type of furniture and furnishing will work best together and help you achieve the look you want. This list is by no means all inclusive.

After you're done, come back here, if you wish, and click on this link … Home Decorating Tips …to learn more about the other home decorating styles.

Walls And Windows

  • Pastel paint colors
  • Bold paint colors
  • Simple shutters or nothing over windows
  • A faux finished wall or two (used as an artistic backdrop)
  • Recessed lighting in ceiling
  • Nickel and glass pendants lights or chandelier for dining area
  • Touches of neon lighting
  • Fluorescent kitchen lighting
  • Polished steel desk lamp with bendable arm and pivoting head
  • Retro lamp designs

If you could use a few more lighting ideas, just do what I do, and visit Bellacor. They have a very impressive selection of unique lighting to satisfy every home decorating style.


  • Glass topped, steel coffee table
  • Sleek leather and steel or polished wood chairs
  • Scandinavian design furniture
  • Low bed with plain headboard and no footboard
For additional furniture ideas, I recommend that you first visit Furniture Fan.

They don't sell furniture, but you can view thousands of home interior decorating pieces online for ideas and find stores in your area that sell the items that catch your eye. You can compare prices from the comfort of your home. This is an invaluable, time-saving tool.

Another furniture resource is Furniture Find. They sell the name brands you are most familiar with. You'll find lots of great ideas here as well.

Try using both sites to find the furniture that will fit with your contemporary home decorating ideas. You may also save yourself a few bucks in the process.


  • Abstract glass sculptures
  • Primitive art and sculptures
  • Black and white pictures/ prints in lacquer frames
  • Area rugs with abstract or geometric design/patterns
  • Glass and steel display shelves
  • Large colorful abstract paintings with simple chrome or brass frames, or no frame at all
I think accessorizing your home is where the real fun begins. Through these items, you will tell the world something about YOU. That's why you'll want to add items that reflect your personality.

If you appreciate earthy artifacts like I do, then you'll enjoy browsing Novica. They have many handmade pieces from all over the world. You'll find masks, vases, and more that would look great on your display shelves.

Finally, I recommend that you pay All Posters a visit for your art work.

I hope this information on the Contemporary home decorating style has been helpful.

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