Dining Room Tables: Finding One To Match Your Decorating Style Is Easy



Dining room tables are available in so many different sizes, shapes, and configurations that it can be down right confusing the pick one. But I'm going to make this job a whole lot easier for you in a couple of ways.

First, below is a handy reference to help you determine the right size dining room table for your home. But before you shop for a table, get a piece of paper and layout the design and positioning of the table.

dining room tables

After the reference you'll find information that will give you some ideas on dining room tables that would match well with your home interior decorating style. I've even include a couple of video for additional ideas and inspiration.

So here are the general guidelines for table sizes. Be sure to allow at least 24 inches behind each chair when someone is seated.

Standard Dining Room Tables
Table Shape Table Size Chair Size Max. Seating
Round 36" 16" x 16" 4
Round 40" 16" x 16" 4
Round 44" 18" x 18" 4
Octagonal 48" 18" x 18" 4
Oval 42" x 60" 18" x 18" 6
Oval 54" x 74" 18" x 18" 6
Rectangular 36" x 48" 16" x 16" 6
Rectangular 42" x 64" 18" x 18" 6
Rectangular 36" x 84" 18" x 18" 8
Rectangular 48" x 96" 18" x 18" 10

After you get a good sense for appropriate size table for your home, you should further narrow your choices of dining room tables based on your decorating style and preferences. In order to help you, I'd like for you to watch this short video that shows a couple of dining room makeovers and the roles that the dining room tables played.Watch.

The changes were amazing weren't they? But what I hope you noticed in the video is how the dining room tables were coordinated with the overall look of the rooms.

This means that before you buy a table, you must decide on whether it will determine how the rest of the room will be decorating or if it must fit with a predetermined decorating scheme. Either way is fine, but those are your choices.

What's Your Decorating Style?

Contemporary - Consider a glass top dining room table with modern chairs. Art deco furniture with chrome framing would work as well. Remember that contemporary design advocates clean lines and simple but intriguing shapes. Don't' be afraid to use splashes of color in dramatic fashion. The dining room table centerpiece could be a large, but impressive primitive bowl or uniquely designed glass vase.

Casual - Your dining room table should be simple. It might be covered by a cotton table cloth with a colorful pattern. Seating for this dining room table could be of wicker design. Oak and pine are also woods that are associated with Casual decorating. For your centerpiece, try a large bouquet of flowers in an understated porcelain vase. Or, place fruit in a ceramic bowl for refreshing and colorful imagery.

Traditional - Your dining room table should be formal. Consider a cherry or mahogany period dining room table with matching chairs. Think of old world European design. You'll want antiques all around and an ornate chandelier overhead. Your walls, tableware, and linens should all match and coordinate perfectly.

Eclectic - This decorating style permits you to decorate in a mixture of styles. Select a dining room table that complement your overall decorating style.

Once you know your style, it won't be hard to pull everything together artfully. For example, a color in cloth chairs could be the color for the walls. The curtains, lighting, and artwork could also be coordinated around elements of the table. For more ideas, check out this second video. I think the points I'm making will begin to register with you. Watch.

Again, did you notice how other things around the rooms share a color or design element with the tables? That should be your decorating objective.

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