Dining Room Remodeling

by Peter Barrett
(St. Louis, MO)

The thought of a dining room remodeling project and some other rooms in your house has been haunting you for a long time time now and you want to do it right, without fail. You have to start the dining area first or whatever room that is easy to get done first. The dining room remodeling can be done with the changing of the dining table, the rugs on the floor, and the lighting.

You might also look into changing the paint color in the room as part of your dining room remodeling efforts. These changes are up to you and you need to decide how deep you want to go and what is your budget. The budget plays an important role and you need to find out how much can you spend on the remodeling. In this article you will learn a few tips and ideas to start your remodeling.

With a good budget and plenty of help, you can make the greatest dining room remodeling makeover yet. Why not pay a little more to get a nice setting? You should start with the lighting. You could buy some pendant lights or canned lights that fit the mood of the room. This can help you add more light to the room and make it more lively to eat there.

Next for your dining room remodeling project, you could move on to changing the dining table and replacing it with a new style table. If you had a big table and need to have a smaller table, because you put some neat furniture in the room, you can find many tables that fit four people comfortably or a table for two. The rest of the furniture in the dining room could also be changed to match the new dining table.

You could move on to changing the draperies and linen used on the table. Change in the wall colors would also make the room look newer and brighter. If you want the natural light from the windows to be used during the day then a light shade of yellow or pink on the walls would make the room look brighter and merrier.

If you feel that the windows need repair then that could be done, or if your budget is high then you could replace the windows too. The new trend for dining room remodeling talks of getting blinds fitted on the windows. Blinds come in various forms and materials. You could get those to make your room look modern.

Dining room remodeling is such an event that the more you do it feels you have done less. Try not to exceed your budget as that will keep you happy and make you find the right things for your dining room. Make a theme if you like theme based interiors.

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The bigger the better
by: Maureen

Our dining room is massive and I have often been tempted to remodel using a theme from a particular country, say Mexico or Africa. I may just start this dining room remodeling project next Spring.

by: Margo

I have a dining room that you have to pass through to get to the kitchen. Leaving an easy walk way to the kitchen limits space that I have to work with design wise. I like the dining room remodeling suggestion about using a paint theme to add to the design.

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