Find Great Keywords By Using The "Re-Seeding" Technique

If you're struggling to determine a topic to write about, the best place to start is by doing a little keyword research. The best FREE tool for doing this is the Google Keyword Tool. You'll find it here:

Click here for the Google Keyword Tool (will open in a new window)

The Google Keyword Tool is a search-able database that records all the keywords and phrases that ordinary people have entered into the Google search engine. It also compiles the total search volume associated with each keyword/phrase for the prior month.

To use it, all you need to do is enter a "seed" keyword or phrase into the available entry box. Then click on the "Search" button. You'll get a boat load of keyword variations that people entered into Google, as well as related keywords.

If you need a good "seed" keyword/phrase, start with our Article Gallery categories. For example, choose "bedroom". When you enter it into the Keyword Tool, you'll get 200 variations. Awesome!

But don't stop there, because you'll want to uncover keywords that have a real chance at ranking highly in Google and make for more interesting article topics. This will translate into more eyeballs viewing your article.

What I like to do is identify longer keyword phrases that consist of 3, 4, or 5 words. As I examined the variations for "bedroom", the keyword "contemporary bedroom furniture" caught my eye. It showed 60,500 global searches for the month. Seems like it could be a decent keyword to write an article about, but I suspect it's still quite competitive.

So I always go as deep as I can to unearth several "long tail" keywords that also have decent search volumes. Long tail keywords usually have less competition, thus making it easier to rank in the search engines.

For this example, I decided to make "contemporary bedroom furniture" my new seed keyword. This is what I call "re-seeding". I entered it into the Keyword Tool box to get some fresh variations. A new "long tail" keyword revealed itself. It turned out to be "modern contemporary bedroom furniture" --- with 12,100 global searches for the month. I repeated the "re-seeding" process again using this keyword, but nothing interesting came up.

So, I would probably create an article around the keyword "modern contemporary bedroom furniture". Again, that's because it's an even longer tail keyword with monthly search volume that is still pretty good. No doubt, my article would have a better chance at ranking well in the search engines than the other choices.

Now, there are other steps that we usually perform to check competition and gauge how fast it will take to get our own articles ranked. But for finding good keywords quickly, this technique should work great for you.

Quick Article Writing Tips

1) Include your keyword in the article title, preferably at the beginning.
2) Include your keyword in the first sentence of the first paragraph.
3) Mention your keyword an additional 5 or 6 times in the article body.
4) Write your article with a focus on quality and delivering value. Then go back and take care of inserting the right number keywords.

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