Wooden French Doors

by S. Perkins

These days, when you go looking for wooden French doors, you are going to find numerous options to choose from. That is not all, because it is equally easy to get these doors customized to suit your exact requirements. French doors are available in a variety of styles, each of which exudes its own special charm. You can ask the seller to build you these doors in wood or you can ask them to find you a match from an existing collection of such doors.

In case you wish to have your wooden French doors customized then you will do well to choose insulated double pane glass panels for exterior use or you can choose them for the interiors of your home as well. To make things more exciting, you may also want to check out why it pays to have sidelites as well as transoms included.

The important thing is that you must first decide on a particular style as well as wood type. Also, be sure to pick the right color to finish off the wooden French doors. It is also always a good idea to pick wooden French doors that swing in the outward direction. This is because you may want to install these doors on your patio and so you will not want to give up any space on the floor. So, outswinging doors is a good option.

Before allowing the seller to customize your wooden French doors, be sure to ask them to explain the techniques that they will be using to complete the customization. At the very least, the seller should be able to guarantee a door that is airtight as well as watertight, especially on the bottom part of the door. There will also be a variety of hardwood options to choose from.

You can pick from woods such as white oak, mahogany and Spanish cedar and there is also hardwood lumber that offers better water resilience which is vitally important when using the wooden French doors in the exteriors where they will be exposed to the elements. It is also important to ask the seller to sell you a door that is of an exact size.

Customized wooden French doors will of course turn out to be radically different to doors that can be bought off the shelf. The latter kind is very common and will be seen in many homes; the former kind will almost never be seen in any other home. To ensure that your wooden French doors are unique and not found in other homes you need to deal with a good company that can also sell you the best quality of wood.

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Key for wooden French doors
by: taynaM

I have a whole set of skeleton keys to open the locks on our old doors. The sad thing is that I have these great old wooden French doors but we can not find a skeleton key for it!

by: Lydia

Making sure that wooden patio doors are waterproof is the number one priority. My parents had to replace cheap doors when they became warped after a year or two.

Pretty good advice
by: OneTwin

I'd say that this advice applies to all types of doors really, especially to have them opening outwards to save space, though this may not always be possible.

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