Victorian Decorating Is Elaborate, Involved and Beautiful

Victorian decorating is probably considered one of the most elaborate of all the different interior room designs that you can choose from. The reason for this is because the colors, fabrics, furniture and decorations are all rich and full.

Victorian decorating is based on the time period that took place in England during the 19th century. Therefore, the more authentic you would like your Victorian room to be, you can expect that the furnishings and other decorative items will be quite costly.

It is possible to decorate a room with a Victorian style, even if you are on a budget, but you will need to be exceptionally creative and crafty if you wish to make the most of this theme.

Although you can design any room in your home with a Victorian style, the following is an example of how you can use Victorian decorating to transform the look of your living room:

Step 1 - The first thing you need to do before you begin your Victorian decorating is to measure the space of the room, so you know the size of the area you have to work with.

Step 2 - Use colors that were popular during the Victorian period, such as mauve, burgundy, deep green, red, dark pink, and purple for wall, rugs, upholstery and other accessory colors.

Don’t be afraid to use more than one color when decorating the room. It also a good idea to add crown molding and wallpaper borders to the top of the wall.

Step 3 - When selecting furniture for Victorian decorating you can choose rich wooden furnishings such as sofas and chairs. The legs, backs and arms of these furnishings are carved to stand out, while the upholstery is usually velvet, embroidered fabrics, and brocade.

Accompanying these sitting pieces are pillows that are designed in similar fabrics, and trimmed with lace, frills, beading, ribbons or bows. The other furnishings in the room for Victorian decorating are various tables that could have marble tabletops, and are of carved wood such as bamboo.

Step 4 - Decorations that are placed on the tables, such as candleholders, crystal lamps, porcelain figurines, or a vase of dried flowers, should be set on embroidered doilies to add affect.

Other Victorian decorating accessories that you can add to the room to give it authenticity include paintings of young maidens, children, a portrait of your family, or perhaps of your ancestors.

All paintings are usually in gold or wooden frames. Other exciting Victorian pieces that can be added to the living room are a grandfather clock, porcelain dolls and decorative plates.

Step 5 - When Victorian decorating windows, you need to make them elaborate with draperies, swags and braided tiebacks. Popular fabrics for the window are also brocades and velvet.

Step 6 - The floors of the living room can either be wall-to-wall carpeting, or hardwood floors. Regardless of the flooring you choose, it is a good idea to add an area rug that is fashioned in an oriental style to complete the authenticity of the Victorian decorating look.

As you can see, Victorian decorating is very involved and extremely heavy. That being the case, make sure you pick a room that you believe will best suit this décor, so that you can enjoy it to its fullest.

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