Victorian Decor - Excessive Elegance?

Victorian decor creates an image of wealth and high social standing; it can also create an image of self-indulgence and cluttered elegance. The key to using this decor in modern times is to strike the right elements of class and practicality.

You can use the beauty of this time, without stepping into the excess, and it is not as difficult as you may think.

Victorian decor has certain requirements; you cannot just buy a few pieces of the era and think you're finished. Instead, you have to fall back on the older styles to create a room that is truly Victorian.

One: bold colors and patterns. Victorian era decor demands dark tones; using neutral walls and wallpapers will instantly clash with the furniture you will need. Your walls should be covered in lush colors (dark greens, red, purples, browns, etc).

Though, in later times, Victorians did use white as a wall color to lighten the somber quality of their rooms, true victorian decor is linked with richer colors. Wallpapers should be packed with varying shades to add contrast.

This idea extends to accessories as well; when choosing pieces for your victorian decor, it is wise to use contrast in all aspects.

For example, a lamp with a black base would do well with a lighter shade decorated with flowers of varying colors. When using detail, less dense colors are acceptable.

Two: furniture. Your victorian decor requires specific types of furniture. It should be darkly stained and have ornate craftsmanship. High-backed chairs with scroll detail, fainting sofas, marble tabletops, circular sofas and more will complete the look.

Three: accessories. Victorian decorating extends to more than just the right style of furniture.

It includes stuffing the room with extras. Remember, this is a period of excess; less does not equal more. Details should overflow here. Using candles, flowers, pictures, mirrors, etc., adds to the charm of the room and continues with the romantic themes of the time. You can hold back, however.

If this is a room you intend to use often, packing it with authenticity may prove difficult.

Instead, try to use discretion when choosing your accessories. Victorian era decor usually demands no empty spaces, but it is acceptable, for modern homes, to tweak that idea a little.

This is a home, after all, and you have to live there. Victorian decor adds a richness to your home that few styles can match; when done correctly, it can leave guests breathless. When done poorly, it can seem a decorating nightmare. You need to strike the proper balance between accuracy and practicality.

While you may want your victorian decor to be completely correct, it may not be easy to accomplish in a room that is frequently used. This style is best suited for rooms opened for special occasions, rather than everyday.

If you love the romanticism and style of the Victorian era, then why not bring it into your home?

Why not create the ultimate mixture of elegance and grace? Victorian decor will do that.

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