Tuscan Wall Decor - Three Types

by HDME Staff

Tuscan wall decor is what defines this style. Decorating a home in a Tuscan style is becoming more and more popular. This Mediterranean region features many warm colors with a hint of the Italian countryside that many find to be both comforting and sophisticated.

While furnishings, floors, and ceilings can feature the Tuscan influence, Tuscan wall decor is probably the easiest way to incorporate this style into one's home. Here are three types of Tuscan wall decor that bring the feeling of being in this wonderful region right into one's home.

Wrought iron wall sculptures capture a taste of the culture in the Tuscany region of Italy. These can be acquired in a variety of sizes and can feature plants, animals, people, or any other regional feature that one can find that would fit in with the overall decorating theme. These pieces can be stand alone sculptures or can incorporate mirrors and other features so that they are both decorative and functional.

Tuscan wall decor plaques and sconces can add a bit of this Mediterranean region's flavor to the home. The sconces can be used to provide candle light when there is no power, in conjunction with essential oils to add a special scent to the atmosphere in a room, or simply as decoration in and of themselves.

Paintings, whether on canvas or complete wall murals that depict scenes from the region can add warmth to a room and give one a sense of being there without ever having to leave home. Canvas paintings do not necessarily have to be originals. There are many prints available that can acquired at a fraction of the price of an original painting. However, for a more authentic feel, original works of art are difficult to beat.

In addition to the three types of Tuscan wall decor mentioned here, there are a variety of furniture pieces and ceramics that can be placed next to a wall to give a room a feeling of warmth and comfort associated with the Tuscany region. The choices are nearly endless, as many pieces are handmade and are, therefore, unique.

Whenever one considers Tuscan wall decor, there are many different ways to go about achieving it. The three primary types available are wrought iron sculptures that may or may not incorporate other items such as mirrors or pictures, Tuscan wall hangings such as plaques, plates, or sconces, and paintings or prints that depict the scenery, culture, and warmth of the Tuscany region.

The Big Question for YOU!
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My Favorite Tuscan Wall Decor
by: Jewlya

Out of all the Tuscan wall decor, my favorites are the wrought iron wall sculptures and the sconces. I especially enjoy the animal sculptures because they are so life like.

Love this look
by: Sally K.

The Tuscan/Mediterranean style look is so warm and welcoming, I think. I would love to do my whole house like this. I think it just makes everything look so homey.

I like the ideas
by: jayla

I like the ideas about this kind of decorating. I think it can help a house look "cleaner" so to speak. I just think it would be a massive undertaking for me unless I hired a decorator.

Tuscan wall decor - Wrought iron in the kitchen
by: Jaydee

I would go for the wrought iron wall decorations which are beautiful and also functional. (Such as hanging pot racks).

The kitchen is the easiest place for me to redecorate and this style - with a bit of a painting overhaul - would add a lot to my favorite space.

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