The Luxury of Sheepskin Area Rugs

by Scarlett
(Houston, Texas)

Sheepskin area rugs are naturally plush, soft and warm. They have a much higher resistance to wear and tear than most other fibers that area rugs are made from. The next time you decide to redecorate your home, explore the options of using sheepskin area rugs and you will see how they transform your decor in an instant.

They have an uncanny ability to be dyed to many different colors and not losing their natural look and feel. If you are searching for comfy and cozy, you cannot overlook sheepskin. Even more impressive is the fact that sheepskin is not difficult to clean. Sheepskin can be used in any number of places such as covers for seats, covers for beds, or in cars for a variety of uses.

Prices of sheepskin area rugs vary according to the quality of the wool used. Sheep skins coming from New Zealand, Australia and the UK tend to be higher priced. The amount of processing that goes in to a particular piece of sheepskin also has an effect on the pricing. More time spent dyeing and combing can also influence prices.

No one can deny the comfort of sheepskin. Plush rugs with naturally high piling that's naturally thick, sheepskin area rugs should be your first choice. They are well worth anything extra you may spend in obtaining the best possible quality. The soft pliable texture of true sheepskin is durable and easy to care for, making it the best possible choice for home decor. Additionally, sheepskin area rugs should look well combed. Beware of any sheepskin area rugs with rubbery or plastic backing. The backing will crack and cause damage to the rug.

Sheepskin area rugs can be easily altered with dyes and shapes. The texture alone will add beauty and dignity to any room. If your sheep skin rug gets flattened out by furniture and appears flat, use a wire dog brush to fluff it up again by a few gentle strokes. The rug will be revived in moments. Additional texture can easily be achieved by stacking a smaller sheepskin rug on top of another larger one to create contrast in colors.

Unlike other leather rugs, sheepskin area rugs are very easy to clean and most can be safely washed in a standard washing machine. Non biological detergent is recommended. It is also important to protect your sheepskin rug from direct sunlight, so you certainly don't want to hang it in the sun to dry. It is also not recommended that you use bleach or hot water to clean sheepskin area rugs. You can also easily freshen up the rug's pile with a wire dog brush.

Adding sheepskin to your home's decor is easy and can be done on a budget. There is no need to break the bank on your purchase. Small sheepskin area rugs can be placed on top of existing carpet to add texture and depth to any room of your home. From sheepskin throw rugs to seat covers, sheepskin is one of the most versatile fibers you can find to work with. You can use it on the floor or hang it on a wall to add warmth and texture to your home. It is certainly not something you want to overlook as a possibility for your next decorating adventure.

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Wear and Tear
by: mumnina

I had no idea that sheepskin area rugs were so durable when it comes to wear and tear. In my house something has to be able to take a beating. I will be looking in to these next time I am getting area rugs.

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