The Beautiful Appearance Of Seagrass Area Rugs

by Scarlett
(Houston, Texas)

Ever considered seagrass area rugs? If you want to decorate your home in something completely unique and inexpensive, you may want to consider your options in seagrass area rugs. A seagrass rug is among the interesting rugs from the selections of completely natural styles of rugs including bamboo rugs, bamboo shag rugs and jute rugs.

Seagrass is a type of grass that spends its entire life underwater. It is commercially cultivated from flooded paddies in many different parts of China, Asia and India. This grass is plentiful in these areas and because of that, it is relatively cheap. There are many products made from seagrass other than seagrass area rugs, such as baskets and placemats.

Seagrass rugs are available in all kinds of colors from white and grey and many shades of brown. In its natural state, the grass comes in beige and green shades such as sage and olive. Interior designers love the beautiful shades in seagrass area rugs and use them to add warmth to the rooms in which they are used. Rugs made from seagrass offer a large scope of color and design variations that are sure to match any type of decor.

Another major benefit of natural seagrass area rugs is that it is very strong and does not get damaged easily. It's not expensive but it is so beautiful that you won't want anything to happen to damage the rug. Two other great benefits of having seagrass area rugs are that these rugs are not as expensive as some of its other counterparts and they are also very easy to clean. Seagrass is naturally stain resistant, any spills can easily be mopped up without doing any permanent damage to the rug.

These very long lasting rugs are best suited for low humidity and low dust environments. Seagrass area rugs are usually very smooth to the touch and have a beautiful shine to them. They are not chemically treated to enhance the shine and the natural fibers do not need any kind of treatment for them to look glossy.

Seagrass area rugs are available in many different shapes and sizes and they are very easy to decorate with. Placed in very strategic areas, seagrass area rugs can be used on floors or on walls to add depth and texture to any area. They look great in your home or in an office. The durability of these rugs and their very economical price tags are proving to be extremely popular around the world.

As you shop around looking for seagrass area rugs, pay special attention to the different types of weaves that are available. The sea basket weave is a stunning pattern of squares alternated with horizontal and vertical grains. Another very popular weave is the sea shore which has rows of fibers with knots tied at opposite ends. Both are beautiful and many new weaves are being created all the time.

Anyone buying seagrass area rugs is guaranteed good quality, affordable pricing and a very durable rug. These rugs offer both warmth and comfort. Their beautiful hues will certainly remind you of days spent at the sea shore.

Expert contributing author Scarlett offers a wealth of creative tips on home decorating using natural rugs. She recommends trying a unique online rug store offering a variety of seagrass rugs and bamboo shag rugs.

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Had to Google it
by: Cassie

I've never heard of seagrass area rugs before either, but I Googled it and found some really neat looking rugs at pretty reasonable prices. I'm glad I found this article because I've been in the market for a new area rug under my dining room table and I think this would be perfect.

Never heard of it!
by: zelda

I have never heard of a Seagrass area rugs before but they sound like they might be a great area rug if you have the right decor.

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