Sunroom Designs

by M. Collier
(Savannah, GA)

Consider these ideas for sunroom designs before you make a final decision. The four walls of a room always make you feel closed in and always make you think that you're in a small room. For those that like to bring the outdoors to the indoors and still keep them in a private setting, you can make this possible with the help of any number of sunroom designs. You should get a lovely sunroom made at the back or side of your house and you can decorate it in various ways.

Let the sunshine in and enjoy a feeling of being in the courtyard when you are actually inside the house. You can consult an interior designer or just look up the various sunroom designs over the Internet and make one for yourself. Let us give you a bit of insight into some sunroom designs for your home.

Sunrooms are usually made with the help of vinyl or wood and have large windows fitted in them for bringing the sun into the room. You can also have a complete glass sunroom, which will make it a lovely place to sit and sun bathe.

Make one on the patio or in the backyard, where you can sit and have a cup of coffee with your loved ones. Maybe chat with your friends while you play a game of scramble. It can also turn into your activity room and you can stitch or play with the kids there. It gives the house a new dimension and more space for doing your favorite activities.

Some people like to have a Jacuzzi fitted in their sunroom designs, where you can sit in the warm water or also sun bathe at the same time. It will give you complete relaxation and peace of mind.

The sunroom could be a fully equipped sitting room as well. You can entertain guests and have a small dinner party with close friends. If you make a glass sunroom, then you could get a black film fitted on the glass that will give you enough privacy for the room as well as bringing in enough sunlight for the room.

Sunroom designs could also include rooms made of aluminum panels. These would be a little cheaper than the wooden sunroom designs, but would be durable and last long. It is not required that you make a complete room, which could be called a sun room. You could have a small patio that is turned into a sunroom where just two of you could sit and read in the natural light. Sunrooms are very popular amongst people who like to be outdoors all the time.

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by: Mike

I love this idea! There is nothing I would love more than sitting in the sunroom in the morning, drinking coffee and watching the wild life outside. I am so going to plan this out this summer. I hope to have a new sunroom before next Summer.

Love the couryard idea provided by sunroom designs
by: Cassie

I have neighbors a distance away from us, but they have a clear view of our house and yard. We've been talking about adding on a sunroom lately, but we've been struggling with how to keep their preying eyes away. A courtyard style room would be perfect!

Used to have one.
by: Mumnina

I used to have a sun room but my partner decided to turn it in to a room room. He uses it for his office and that is fine but I do miss having my sun room.

Sunny days
by: Dad@Home

What a great article about sunroom designs. I could almost feel the sun on my face as I relax in my dream room. I couldn't go as far as installing a jacuzzi, not with small children around, but it is a great idea for a place to relax away from the TV. One to think about for sure.

Also known as a Conservatory
by: Maureen

I would love a sunroom like this or, as they are known in the UK, a conservatory. Unfortunately, where I live it costs thousands to have one built and I just wouldn't be capable of building my own.

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