Dress Up The Walls With a Stock Poster or Two

Using a stock poster is in: suspend your disbelief with the title for a moment to actually think about what it means. In your home, specifically.

When you purchase a stock poster, you're purchasing pieces of your personality, your interests, your passions. That's what makes them so different than other types of posters. This isn't just about buying something because it looks good; this is about buying something because it's...you.

A stock print or poster is, to be simply defined, anything. They can contain pictures and prints of everything, from movie scenes to landscapes to geometric designs. They represent anything of interest. Of course, this makes them the perfect way to decorate your home; they're you.

Of course, not everyone wants to fill every inch of their home with many a stock poster. Even if they do represent your interests, too much of a good thing can be a terrible one.

Instead, it is often best to choose one room and let your passions spill onto those walls alone. Use some common sense, however. You don't want to decorate your dining room with a race car stock print or poster.

While Nascar may be the sport of choice, it doesn't meld well with guests and dinner conversation. Instead, choose the room to reflect your interests. If, as mentioned before, you enjoy racing, a game room or a den would be an excellent showcase for stock posters.

Or, perhaps, movies are your passion. If you are blessed with a large area for a home theater, a film stock poster could be the perfect way to decorate.

With this, you can create an unique atmosphere, one that shows off your creative side. And having the walls stuffed with stock posters wouldn't appear strange. Having pictures of Cary Grant staring down from the bedroom wall, on the other hand, could cause confusion.

Once you have decided on the theme of your stock print or poster room, the next step is to, of course, buy the posters. Choose scenes that catch your attention. This is your room and it should represent what you like.

You can find a great stock poster or two at All Posters and Art.com!.

After you've selected the posters, you need to visual the rest of the room. While you may have stock posters to cover the walls, you still need other accessories and furniture to fill it.

If you chose to do a movie room, with black and white scenes dominating your posters, choosing a bright wall color could be distracting. Instead, go with lighter tones that won't take away from the stock poster.

Also, try to find accessories that fit the theme. Bringing in Victorian lampshades or contemporary furnishings will throw off the look. You want your room to flow, not look like a collection of everything you like.

A stock poster lets you display your interests; this must be used with care, however. You don't want to overpower your guests with your passions.

Instead, chose a few scenes that work and then let your passions filter into the rest of the room. This will create the needed balance.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy yours today.

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